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Input multiple data into one input field (VBA)

Input multiple data into one input field (VBA)

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I have a user form which allows the input of test results quickly.
One box is for a percentage result. If "60.23" is typed in, it will divide this by 100 and then input that into a cell in a work sheet to give 60.23%.
Is it possible for it to do this, but also allow the user to type in:
So it will scan all three values, calculate an average and then divide by 100, and input into a cell?
Mainly in the interest of saving space, I'd rather do this in one box rather than making three separate boxes

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User Input Box, Multiple Entries

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I am writing a Macro and I would like to add a user input box where it could have multiple places where the user can input.
The Input box will ask the user for Name, Last Name, Company name, start date. etc.
How can I have an input box where all of these can be asked at the same time?

sum multiple lookup values

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I'm a basic user of Excel so not too proficient. I need to do something a bit more advanced.
I have a worksheet set up something like this:
Input 1 Value 1
Input 2 Value 2
Input 3 Value 3
Input 1 Value 4
Input 2 Value 5
I would like to search through and find all the values of input 1 for example and add them together.
I thought at first to use Vlookup but this only returns one value. I've also tried to create a pivot table but I keep getting an error saying "The PivotTable field name is not valid"
Please could you suggest what I could do to solve this?

Custom Date Input Mask

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How to make an input mask display more than one character?
I'm building a db for work, and multiple (non-IT) people will enter data. Instead of having the input mask for the date field display as ##-###-####, I would like it to display as DD-MMM-YYYY.

2 check if statement

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I'm trying to do a 2 check statement, and I nearly have it, but the last bit is beating me and I'm confused as to how to fix it.
my formula is:
=IF(Input!D5-Input!E5=0, ROUND((Input!E5/(Input!O2/100+1)),2),IF(Input!G5 =1,ROUND((Input!E5/(Input!O2/100+1)+Input!E5),2),0))
the 2 checks I need are:
1. Input!D5-Input!E5=0
2. Input!G5 =1
the first bit seems to be ok, if Input!D5-Input!E5=0 it does ROUND((Input!E5/(Input!O2/100+1)),2). If it doesn't = 0 it does ROUND((Input!E5/(Input!O2/100+1)+Input!E5
but the second criteria seems to be letting me down, if Input!G5 is blank it is still outputting a calculated value into the cell, not the 0 I want for a false result on the if.
hope the above makes seance. any help would be very very gratefully received.

Use an Input Mask to Control How Data Is Entered Into a Field

Free: Yes

Adding an input mask minimizes the likelihood that people will omit information or enter the wrong data by mistake. For example, you could create an input mask that would only permit the number and type of characters that are found in a telephone number. These instructions are for MS Access 97.

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Attached calculator

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A calculator script is a must for numeric input fields of financial web sites. The script will show a calculator icon next to such fields. Clicking the icon will show a simple keypad attached to the input field. The input field itself serves as the calculator display. No popup windows are used for the effect.

search input component

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This component allows you to add a search input text in your applications. Input change events are dispatched so you can implement your own searching methods. Border and text input can be easily skinned with a flex css stylesheet (see preview for some examples).

kTextInput: Form with Validation

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This component is a clone of TextInput classic component, and works the same, but I have added different input data validations.
So with kTextInput, you can now test if a text input in "email" field is a valid email address, or if phone number or currency value is right, and more...
You can also add you personal validation function. This component saves data for future use, in a cookie, same as Internet Explorer with input type='text'.

iPass: Iphone like masked password

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iPass jQuery plugin makes your password input field to an Iphone-like masked password input field. Easy to integrate into any website. Supports copy, cut and paste (with keyboard and mouse) Cross browser support. (tested with: Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, Mozilla Firefox 2+, Chrome, Safari, Opera).

Using JSP Tag Libraries for Ajax

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The AJAX Tag Library is a set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology in JavaServer Pages.
AJAX is primarily rooted in JavaScript. However, many server-side developers do not have an extensive knowledge of client-side programming in the browser. It's much easier in some cases for J2EE developers, especially, to simply add a JSP tag to the page to gain the function desired.
This tag library fills that need by not forcing J2EE developers to write the necessary JavaScript to implement an AJAX-capable web form. The tag library provides support for live form updates for the following use cases: autocomplete based on character input to an input field, select box population based on selections made from another field, callout or balloon popups for highlighting content, refreshing form fields, toggling images and form field states on/off.

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