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In Excel - Sum amount with multiple criteria and excluding duplicates from sum

In Excel - Sum amount with multiple criteria and excluding duplicates from sum

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In Excel 2010, I have 2 tabs:
Summary Tab
Bank Tab
In Bank Tab:
Col A Col B Col C Col D
SC New acct123 500
SC New acct123 500
SC New acct123 100
SC Renew acct123 200
GA New acct125 100
GA New acct125 100
SC Renew acct126 600
In the Summary Tab:
Col A Col B Col C
SC New ? formula I have so far: =SUMIFS(Bank!$D:$D,Bank!$A:$A,Summary!$A$2,Bank!B:B,Summary!B2)
I want to add col D (from Bank tab) using multiple distinct criteria based on Column A, B, C, and D (from the Bank tab), but not summing any of the duplicates.
The result in Col C (in the Summary tab) should be: 600
The formula I have above is incomplete, it does not filter out the duplicates.

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In a Colombo voice. . . "Just one more thing please sir". . .
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There a bit too technical for me.

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