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IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(Find Text, Within Text)),True, False)

IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(Find Text, Within Text)),True, False)

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I hope someone can shed some light on this for me.
Why do you need to use ISNUMBER in the formula above?

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Returning True/False/Maybe

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Cells contain text of multiple words. I want to return "Yes" if "A" exists in cell; "No" if "B" exists; and "maybe" if neither A or B exists. ? Currently, I'm using =IF((ISNUMBER(SEARCH("A",B3)),"YES","NO") .but this only tells me about A not B or neither ?


Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am working on a search to look for words found in 1 cell using formula
there is about 20 word searches and I was wondering if I put them in a column is there a way to seas the column to find any of the words with it and respond if found
some thing like
I am using excel 2003 and have not been able to get it to work how I want it to

Search for multiple text options

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I am attempting to make a sheet that I can enter a set of search terms (one per cell in about 5 cells) that will then search a row to see if any of those text strings are in that row.
This works perfect to do a single line with a single search item.
Now I have tried various combinations of the IF and the OR functions to see if I can have multiple search times but all I get are #VALUE! responses.
IF statement works with a single but I can't find the syntax to get multiples?
This Solved it:

Find certain text in a cell

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Wanna use a formula so that it can give logical result (True or False) if that cell contains certain words.
Say cell A1 contains a text "I love you".
Say cell A2 contains a text "I miss you".
Say cell A3 contains a text "I hate you".
Is there an "IF" function or formula that can give logical result (True or False) if that cell contains a word "hate".
In this case, A3 should come up with True while A1 and A2 are false.

Making 'True' =1 "false" =0

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

Is there a setting that will automatically apply these at the moment I have to apply an if statement before I can get any calculations done.
=SUMPRODUCT($C$4:$I$4=C4,$C$5:$I$5>0) gives a result of 0 even though it shows
whereas if I do =SUMPRODUCT(IF($C$4:$I$4=C4,1,0),IF($C$5:$I$5>0,1, 0)) gives the results of 1 with the array of
It seems to treat the trues and false as text rather than values.
I do not want to have to put the if statement in.

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PractiSearch - Web Search

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The main task of PractiSearch is to start a web search of a selected text with a hotkey or a mouse click, thus providing you with the quickest way of searching. If you do not want to spend lots of time copying the text, opening Internet Explorer (or other browser) and pasting the text in the Google Toolbar, or even opening a search engine website and then pasting the text in the search box, then PractiSearch is what you need.

Glassy True False Photoshop Icons

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True or false questions in glass panel psd unique style, modern design web icons.

Perpetual Flash Image Scroller

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Settings - changeable through XML:
Padding (spacing between images), Speed, Reflection (true/ false), Reflection Height (true/ false), ImageButton (true/ false)(if you dont want the image to target URL's, AlphaOnImages (true/ false), Alpha Value on first Load (0-100), HTML window (_parent,_top,_self and _blank), RollOver Image if not require you can turn it off in the xml file(true/false), Roll Over Stop(if you want the scroller to stop on rollover) option in the XML file(true/false), Code of the file is commented line by line, and a detailed Help file has been provided for the setup of the Scroller.

Advanced Replace Tools

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Overview of Advanced Replace Tools by ReplSoft
"Advanced Replace Tools" (ART) is an advanced text replacement utility program that webmasters, programmers (and everybody who uses computers) will find essential. The time saved by using this program can pay for itself in one hour (or less) of billable client work.
Imagine that you need to replace text in hundreds of files. It would take many hours to do this work manually. ART resolves tedious editing tasks in a few minutes. ART automates repetitive changes for you.
ART streamlines many tedious editing and text change functions. The program searches for, and replaces, both text and binary strings (in files and in program code).
ART also can batch replace text and binary strings in files that are located either on local disk drives, or, on a network.
ART's File Browser Utility allows users to specify a great number of files before processing. This file browser uses either a built-in or a plug-in utility.
ART's Finder Utility allows users to search through documents by file mask, by date, by file size, by attribute and even by text string. This search process is similar to that used in an Internet search engine.
The Replacer Utility allows users to insert, replace or remove entire fragments of text. Text can consist of more than one line of code, and text can exist in multiple files. The Batch Replacer is a multi-string search-and-replace filter. This filter can find strings in files and replace them with whatever text you specify. Both text and binary files can be processed by the program.

search input component

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Tags: Flash › Excel Flex Forms

This component allows you to add a search input text in your applications. Input change events are dispatched so you can implement your own searching methods. Border and text input can be easily skinned with a flex css stylesheet (see preview for some examples).

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