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IF function multiple criteria

IF function multiple criteria

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statement basically needs to say if cell a1 = "certain phrase" AND B1 is populated then return value in B1.
can't seem to get my IFs and ANDs right :/

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Is there a function that uses multiple criteria in a single column?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm aware of the SUMIF function that sums up a range based on one criteria. But I'm wondering if there's a function that does the same thing but allows multiple criteria in a SINGLE column.
The SUMIFS function only applies if you have multiple criteria spread across multiple columns *not* in the same single column.
So, any ideas on this?

Multiple criteria

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I want to use sumif function based on multiple criteria,
(my goal is to find SUM of numbers in a column, for the subset I derive by applying criteria to some other columns)
I searched the net and it threw up about array formula.
but I cud not really understand and implement.

IF function with multiple criteria??

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a problem that to most of you will probably sound ridiculously simple but I am an excel newbie so I still couldn't find a way to do it. Here it is:
I have a column of values. I would like each entry to display a multiple of the value it contains, subject to conditions. In particular, I'll take a single entry as an example:
If it contains a value <1, I would like it to display 0;
If it contains a value between 1 and 2, I would like it to display 2*the value;
If it contains a value >2, I would like it to contain 3* the value.
I found out how to do this subject to a single condition, by using a simple IF function. How can I do this with multiple conditions?
Thanks a lot, any advice is very

CountA with multiple criteria

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

It's my understanding it's not possible to use the CountA function with multiple criteria so is there any other function that will allow me to count how many cells in a range of cells are equal to 2 different criteria.
For example, I want to find how many entries have the word "Ambient" and where their date value in the next cell is blank.

Rank Function with Multiple Criteria

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I am trying to Rank 5 different criteria for 28 employees. I am currently ranking each criteria as a separate column within each category; however, I need to roll up all of the rankings to another page and have a Power Ranking per employee. The Power Ranking was working as an AVERAGE function until the percentages of the categories were not an equal 20%.

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- read the file via xml driven
- support unlimeted category & category entry
- allow HTML & CCS description
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- publish & unpublish each category & category entry
- allow or not allow file download
- next, previous, play, stop function
- download prosses bar
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- no need any apps for upload files
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- use cms & make life easier

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Features :
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2. Supports Multiple Locations (more than 2 locations)
3. Auto generate addresses into Textbox when typed
4. Uses Google Ajax call, so no Page load is required
5. Added JQuery to make the code more easy to integrate
6. Smaller layout, so that we can use it as widget.
7. Only HTML & Javascript knowledge required

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