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If formula not working

If formula not working

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I use the If formula in excel every day and today it stopped working. When I want to check to see if two values are always the same I use a formula like this: =if(a1=b1,0,1). I drag that formula down the column to make sure the values always match, but it always returns a 0, even when they do not. If the workbook has a .xls extension and I save as ".xlsx" then the formula works normally for one minute, then goes back to giving the wrong value. Likewise, if when it's ".xlsx" and I save it as ".xls", the formula works for a second, and then doesn't work any more.

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need, or a different formula?

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I have attached the file.

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here's the formula I entered:
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can I please get some guidance on this? have formatted the figures to numbers & text (and vice versa) but it still will not work.

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