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If Date In Cell Is Greater Than Todays

If Date In Cell Is Greater Than Todays

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I wonder if you could help?
I have a date in Cell E3 and I would like it to be highlighted yellow if todays date is 30 days near to the date in E3?

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Todays Date in Cell

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Just a quick question, if on a spreadsheet in for example Cel D1 I wanted todays date, and everytime I open that spreadsheet I want D1 to automatically update to that days date, how would I do this?

inserting todays date in another cell

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In excel 2010 how do I enter todays date in a cell other than where the formula to add todays date is. For example: the formula =Today() is in A1 but I want the date to be displayed in C3.

Data Validation - Date

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I have a log sheet that is done annually to record reported injuries. I am trying to restrict the "date" field to only accept dates in the year of the log, i.e. 2011 for the current years log and dates that are not in the future, i.e. not greater than todays date. The log has a cell at the top of the page for the log year (currently cell value is 2011) I am using the data validation for between dates and have the start date set as equal to Jan 1 of the cell reference, (currently 1/1/11) and the end date as Dec 31 of the cell reference, (currently 12/31/11) but how do I include a validation to ensure that the date entered is not in the future, i.e. greater than todays date?

How do I subtract todays date from range of dates

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I need to make todays date as a constant so when I drag the formula down the cells used in calculating the cell with todays date does not change.

Inserting Todays Date

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Could someone please tell me where Im going wrong
All Im trying to do is to insert todays date in a column should there be a value in a different column ie:
if B4 has an entry in it, then k4 has todays date inserted.
Im trying (in k4): =if(B4>0,()today,"") which throws up an error

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- Calendar supports Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday layout.
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