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If cell equals a name then get data from column

If cell equals a name then get data from column

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I need to pull data from monthly spreadsheets that is a list of names and results. The names are not always in the same order. I need to collate the results by line manager. The list of names is not divided into line manager teams.
I have a sheet already that lists team member by line manager. I now need to populate the data. So I really need is if cell on data sheet = "persons name" then show me the data in column u for that person.

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Value of a cell equals one of the values in a column then

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My title will be changed once I can better explain myself so that people looking for this in the future will be able to find it.
Situation is: I have a column that lists percentages from (column A) 75% up to 125%. The very next column (column B) has values that correlate to the percentages. On the same sheet I'm putting together a simple calculator that will calculate a percentage. If the calculated percentage equals one of the percentages in Column A I'd like to fill in another cell with the correlating value from Column B.

if column B equals "cash" then column H equals 0

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How do I right a formula for:
if column B (invoice number) equals "cash" then column H (HST @ 12% of B) equals 0


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Can someone give me a function to use so that the cell at the bottom of a column equals the last non blank cell above in that column?

cell formula for using progressive information in other cells

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I would like to write a formula for cell P8 which equals the value of the last cell in which a value was entered in column M. Thus, if cell M1 is the only cell in column M that has data in it, then P8=M1. when the next set of data is added to column M, now M2=10.38. Thus, P8 would now = M2, or 10.38. In other words, what ever the last data value is of the last cell filled in column M, that is what cell P8 equals.

Cell equals the cell 14 rows below

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So cell N2 = Cell D3. What I want is for cell N3 = D17 and N4 = D31. So that each cell down equals the last D cell plus 14. Is there a formula for this

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Advanced Datagrid component

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Multi-line editing, with Word Wrapping. This is probably the most sought-after feature of the Flash datagrid, and which is sorely missing from Macromedia's Datagrid distribution.
Merge headers, change the background color of any given header, and apply HTML formatting to the cell header text, like italic and bold.
Format all data in a given column. For example, apply $ and ".00" formatting to price values in a column. When clicked, the "true" value of the cell is displayed.
Add powerful stylesheet support via external CSS files. This allows even more flexibility to the cell formatting than can be used with the limited HTML support that comes built-in to the datagrid.
The DataGrid Extensions download comes with Flash 6 AND Flash 7 versions. Some features, like CSS support, are only available in the Flash 7 version.
Add powerful event handling to any cell. For example, when clicked, the cell data can be passed to an Actionscript function of your choice.
An advanced API is included for your reference (for Flash 7 extensions). The Flash 6 version comes with a text file that lists all available functions.
Add horizontal scrolling to your datagrid.
Convenient MXP installer is provided (for Flash 7 version only), as well as .fla examples.
100% of the Flash source code is included (Actionscript source files). Thus, if you need to do something which isn't built-in to the datagrid extensions, you may be able to add it yourself, provided that you have a strong knowledge of Actionscript.
Add HTML to any cell by setting the "htmlDrawing" property.

Ajax Powered MySQL Table Editor

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MyAjax Editor, is a powerful Ajax MySQL Table Editor. Its main feature is its fast Web 2.0 Ajax inteface that allows you to update and maintain your data quickly and easily.
It replicates the functionality of an Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to click from cell to cell to make changes. The Ajax search quickly narrows down the data that you are looking to view or make changes to. There are many configuration options for displaying your data, such as column highlighting or if you only want to only display certain fields. A full list of configuration options can be found below.
Rows can also be deleted, and inserted via quick and easy Ajax controls.

Smart XML Calendar

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- Calendar can display events in a month grid or days stack.
- Calendar supports multiday events. Meaning the event can be repeated over multiple consecutive days, including over 2 consecutive months if needed.
- Each event can have its own color for easier grouping of the events or you can apply universal color to it.
- Calendar supports Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday layout.
- Each day can have virtually unlimited amount of events.
- Events can be time stamped for users to know when event takes place.
- Event can auto open if its date equals todays date.
- All data is stored in external XML file.
- Width and height are 305px and 405px.

DataTable or Data Grid

Display of data through DataTable facilitates data management: - The rows can be ordered by clicking on the header of the column that you wish to order by. - You can set your own table size: set width, height, or both. If you set the size, scrolling bars will be shown when the amount of data requires it. - For tables with a high number of rows: Rows can be separated in pages, thus allowing to move between pages; you can also change the amount of rows per page; - Each row in the table will show a column defined by user - either Delete the row, or Edit it. Packaged into a Dreamweaver extension. No hand coding needed.

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Create a manageable data grid as you want. Ideal for Photo Management, User management, Product management, Project management, Personal portfolio, Album, etc. Multiple color frontend and full function backend The project is aimed to provide a backend for admin to manage data, and a customizable frontend to present data with sorting, paging and searching fuction. All actions are done using ajax, which means fast performance and less traffic!
Features in the latest version 2.2 includes:
Javascript function powered by jQuery
Using ajax technology to load data
Sortable column
Specific column to search
Adjustable data row per page
Ajax pagination
Multiple theme color (silver,green,blue,red)

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