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Hyperlinks "Cannot open file"

Hyperlinks "Cannot open file"

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I am using Excel 2003 and I am using a hyperlink to link to other spreadsheets in different folders and drives.
When I create the hyperlink it works great first time. I then save and close the document containing the hyperlinks
When I re-open the spreadsheet and click on the hyperlink I am met with the message "Cannot open file"
Does anyone know why I can no longer then open the hyperlink and why the link may be broken?

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Hyperlinks with "#" in name will not open

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I'm trying to create hyperlinks to files that have number signs in their names. However, they will not open. Is there anyway around this? I cannot change the name of the files since they are on a network and used by many people.

Excel file with hyperlinks takes a long time to open over the network

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I have an Excel (Excel 200 SP3) file (2 Bytes) with about one thousand
hyperlinks to word document or excel document. This Excel file is situated on a machine on our network.
- When I open this Excel file from this machine : it takes about 5 minutes - When I copy this file from this machine to my PC : it takes about 15
seconds - When I open this Excel file from my PC : it takes about 5 seconds - When I delete all the hyperlinks in this Excel file and I open it from the network machine it takes 45 seconds
Could you explain why it is so long to open a file with Hyperlinks? And secondly, is it possible to bypass this "long time" to be able to work over


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I have a spreadsheet with hyperlinks to a folder containing different types of docs. - .xls .doc .ppt .pdf.
The hyperlink goes to the folder but does not open(run) the file. One can see the file present in the folder.
What should I do to force the link to "run" the file?
This is the line of text for the hyperlink -
=HYPERLINK("611",",611 NVQ Level 4 Strategy.doc")

Can't open Hyperlinks from another computer

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I have made a spreadsheet that has Hyperlinks to another spreadsheet. The Hyperlinks work fine on my PC but no one else can't link to the spreadsheet from his/her PC. When they link it says something like "the file name is not
found." In most cases Excel freezes as well. I put the spreadsheet with links on to a network so anybody can access the files. I noticed that the path I make is P:/Planning/Service Agreements. When I check the path on
another PC it's ./Planning/sService Agreements. What is going on? I have
Excel XP, the person who try's to look at the file has Excel 200. Does this
have anything to do with it?

Convert hyperlinks to HTML

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My problem is that I have to save an .xls file to a .csv file, thus losing the hyperlinking power once I do this. So for example, if there was a link that says "CLICK HERE" and it goes to "" all that would be saved on the .csv is the "CLICK HERE". What I would like assistance in is converting all the hyperlinks to the full <HREF= code. So for example, if the hyperlink reads "Executive Assistant" and the hyperlink is to go to another page when clicked then I would like that cell to change to;
<a href="" target="_blank">Executive Assistant </a>
So this would ensure that prior to saving to a .csv I have the code. So when I open the .csv the HTML code is right there in plain text.
I do appreciate anyone's assistance in helping me with this.

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100% Vector animation. All the timelines are named and easily editable.
This file is in a self contained movieclip called "complete" so you can just drag the file onto the stage and strech to any dimension keeping the dimensions square will enhance the image.
If you want to edit any of the graphics open the "complete" movieclip in the library and you will see the different elements that make up the animation.

Christmas and New Year greeting

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Christmas and New Year greeting. You can use this file as New year e-card for your Clients or Partners. You have to only drag and drop movie clip "card" to scene. You must open movie clip "your_logo" and place your logo or company name here.
Zip includes: Flash CS3 and Flash CS4 versions and the swf for both. Zip file contains also instruction file. Action Script 2. Vector-animation: allow to scale any size (original size.

ScrollWars Text Animation

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THIS IS AN "XML" DRIVEN AUTO SCROLLING TEXT EFFECT Especially For Your Banners. XML File is very easy to update, simply write your text to XML file and let it scroll.
You will need flash cs4 or higher only if you want to change the background. Here are the values you can change through XML , without opening Flash:
You have four options for alignment of your text: "left", "right", "center", & "justify".
You can easily adjust whole textFields "textColor", "textSize", and "textFieldWidth" values.
You can set textFields "textScrollDuration" to fine tune your scrolling animations duration.
The speed of "Fade-out" effect of your text, and the speed of textScrolling is also adjustable through XML .
RotationX (3D x-axes angle) value of the textField is alterable with ease.
Of course, you can have a link too.Just write it down to XML File, Or you can simply switch it off.
And finally you can use "CDATA" tags to format text severally with some basic HTML properties.
A very descriptive help file included.

DateTime Widget Web 2.0

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This is a very easy to use date widget whose skin can be customized just by calling <dateWidgetInstance>.setWorkingSkin(workingSkinNumber) (1 for gray skin and 2 for blue skin). The date is taken from a list of items in an XML file, each item having its own date and time tag. If the first tag in the XML file is <displayCurrentDate>yes/no</displayCurrentDate>, the displayCurrentDate function is called and the date widget displays the current date of the computer accessing your web page.
The date in the XML file should be in the following format: and it is shown with "st", "nd", "rd", "th" trailing.
Among the key features :
- XML driven
- Cool graphics
- Easy to customize
- Possibility to show/hide the clock
- Choose between to skins or easily make your own skin
- Nice "st", "nd", "rd", "th" display manner and postmeridian/antemeridian clock.

Clock and Calendar

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Fullscreen clock and calendar. Click the "full size" under the preview to see it working, or download and open the swf file directly.

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