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Hyperlink to a cell in another worksheet using VLookup

Hyperlink to a cell in another worksheet using VLookup

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on this as I've been searching on the internet for a solution for a long time without success.
I know someone has probably asked similar question before but the search has brought up too many to go through.
I'm looking to link from a cell in one worksheet to another based on the matching value using the Hyperlink function. I am aware this can be done manually through the Insert Hyperlink on the Excel Menu but this would be to painful when I have hundreds on items to link. I want a dynamic formula using with a combination of VLookup or Match where I would be able to drag the formula across.
I have attached the Excel file as an example of what I'm trying to achieve. Your help is

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Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am trying to find a way to combine the Hyperlink and Vlookup fictions. Specifically, I would like to enter text into a cell and have that text automatically hyperlink to what I need, either a file or URL. For example:
If I enter the word "History" into cell A:1, I would want it to
automatically create a hyperlink to, without any change to the original word I input into the cell.
I thought I could do this by combining the VLOOKUP and HYPERLINK functions, but it has not quite worked out for me yet.

Hyperlink renaming

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have a hyperlink(vlookup. formula setup like this:
From worksheet 1, Col C:
Worksheets 2, 3, 4, etc. Col B contains links that has long url, ex:
I would like Worksheet 1, Col C to return the hyperlink data and rename it as, "Video". This would apply for all. If there is not a link in Worksheets 2,3,4 etc. then the cell would be empty.

Hyperlink with a VLookup for Web Addresses

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I am doing a vlookup to retrieve a hyperlink. When I click on the hyperlink that is retrieved, I receive the following error message:
"cannot open the specified file"
In my case the hyperlink is to a web address. I have attached a sample sheet- the Training Menu tab has the Hyperlink/Vlookup Formula in E9, continued downwards throughout the row. The TR Menu is the table I am using for my data.

Hyperlink to Cell in a Seperate Worksheet

Free: Yes
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I am reasonably new to excel and have a question I thought you may be able to help with.
I would like to create a hyperlink on a cell that links to that cells value in a separate worksheet. ie: Worksheet A, Cell A1=A12345 -- Hyperlink to Find value A12345 in worksheet b. Can this be done?

using vlookup and hyperlink

Free: Yes
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I am using VLookup in column "D" that replicates a number from column "B". This works fine. What I would like to do is type the number into "B" and have it populate ""D" with not just the number from "B", but provide a hyperlink in "D". If I put the hyperlink into my lookup table, the link does not show up in "D". I assume that I can use both vlookup and hyperlink, but I am not sure how to use both for the same cell.

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Normal web browser behaviour is to switch to a new page when you click a hyperlink. Sometimes however you want a single hyperlink to lead to several pages and present a dynamic menu when clicked. This is usually done through an intermediary page.
The javascript sample on this page will provide such dynamic menus by creating an absolutely-positioned DIV tag on the fly, which will contain the list of links.

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Unlimited messages.
Fade out effects.
Hyperlink parameter.
Font customisation.

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- multi-layer technique
- free layout capabilities
- hyperlink & JavaScript support
- automatic scrolling for individual layers
- optional wordwraps
- column and/or row oriented structure
- connection of active components
- two scrolling modes
- reusable layers through size independent design
- extensive set of commands
- perform inter-layer commands at runtime
- event macros - configure the general behaviour
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- reassignment of command sequences at runtime
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