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How to save an excel as PDF with bookmarks

How to save an excel as PDF with bookmarks

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I am trying to save an excel file as PDF using vba, but all I can do is print as PDF, which takes the bookmarks away. I need my PDF to keep the bookmarks, which are the sheet names in excel. I can manually do it if I go to save as>ADobe PDF, but is there a way to do this in vba? or a way to print as PDF and keeping the bookmarks?

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Hyperlink to specific page in a pdf

Free: Yes
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I have read through a lot of discussions on this topic but haven't had any luck yet.
I have tons of pdf files that are hundreds of pages and would like to be able to create hyperlinks to specific pages in these docs. I want to keep them as pdf files. I have created bookmarks in the pdf files but when I try to hyperlink from excel to those bookmarks, I get this error message:
"Certain file formats, such as XML, do not support bookmarks so you cannot create a hyperlink to a bookmark in a file that does not support bookmarks.
You can either hyperlink to the file without any bookmarks, or change the file format so you can insert bookmarks into and hyperlink to the bookmark."
This confuses me because the file isn't an XML, its a pdf.

XLS to PDF with Automatic Bookmarks

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

For this question, I am using Adobe Acrobat 7.0.9.
I know that in Microsoft Word, you can set styles (e.g. Header 1, Header 2, etc.) and have a PDF created with bookmarks already inserted based on the styles.
I would like to know if there something similar for Excel, but based on values in a column. I created this spreadsheet list whose first column is COUNTY. This list is sorted by county then city. There are 82 counties in Michigan. I would love it if Adobe somehow read the first column and every time it came across a "new" county, it would create a bookmark at that point. The final result is a PDF with 82 bookmarks automatically inserted.
Is that possible or am I wishing big?!

Combine PDF's from Excel 2010

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To anyone who may be able to help:
I'm looking for a simple method to print multiple excel worksheets into one combined PDF.
I have a reporting excel program for engineering operations. Every day I fill out a new worksheet for that day. When finished I print selective sheets (not all the sheets) as individual PDF's. I then have to combine all those PDF's into one PDF, set bookmarks, format, etc. I was wondering if there was a way to do it in excel to save me the time of combining, formatting, etc.
I'd prefer not to use VBA, but if need be, I'm reasonably experienced with VBA.

Cannot save as a PDF

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I had to reformat my laptop, re-installed all the software I had before including Office 2007.
Just tried to save a spreadsheet I created in Excel as a PDF but cannot do it. I could before I reformatted the computer. Went to the Microsoft Download Center page and tried to download : "2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS"
but received a message saying : "Save As PDF & XPS.exe is not a valid Win 32 application." I have seen this message before when trying to download other software, what does it mean ?
And is there another way to enable saving as a PDF ? I have Adobe Reader 9.1 on my computer.

My charts disappear when I save to PDF

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I'm trying to save an excel file as PDF. My print area covers some charts, however when I save the PDF the charts disappear. This seems only to be a problem with converting to PDF - if I print the file the charts appear as normal. How can I make the charts appear in the PDF?

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This PHP Bookmarks script is a web-based program that allows you to store your bookmarks and display them in many useful ways. This script will sort your bookmarks with usability in mind, keeping often-used bookmarks at your fingertips. It has a bookmark search, private/public bookmarks, nested groups, usage rankings, popularity sorting, and a quick add feature.

pdf-FormServer - Fill and Save PDF Forms

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Save your PDF form to disk and open it again without loosing your entries.
Who has not come across the situation: You complete a PDF form in Acrobat Reader and when it comes to saving your data, nothing happens. Or worse: You close the program and all your data is lost. The reason for this is: Acrobat Reader cannot save any form field data! This is not only time consuming but also very unpleasant.
pdf-FormServer eliminates this problem in a very easy way! Once this software solution has been installed, all filled out PDF forms can be saved locally either as FDF, XFDF (for further electronic processing) or directly to PDF. No need to mention that all forms that have been filled once can be read again with the included data and also altered at a later date or send by email.

ColdBookmarks : Bookmarks Manager

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ColdBookmarks is a ColdFusion application for storing your bookmarks (or favourites) in a searchable database. The advantage in using ColdBookmarks is that your bookmarks are available at anytime from any browser with Internet access.
You can create your own categories for organising your bookmarks. It features a search facility based on the bookmark name, category and description to assist you in tracking down elusive bookmarks.
Built-in support for MS Access and MS SQL Server databases (includes example MS Access database).

Create PDF files, fill and save PDF forms

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Create PDF files, collaborate and review, fill and save forms, add text to pages, QuickSign documents, and more...
Create PDF files from over 300 different formats. Comment, review, and collaborate. Fill and save PDF forms. Extract text and images. Type text directly onto the page.
Nitro Reader is the only free PDF reader to offer the ability to create PDF from virtually any Windows application.
Stop trying to work with PDF and start making PDF work for you. Digital documents are transforming the way we all work together, but premium collaboration tools have never been available in a free PDF reader.
Nitro Reader lets you import your handwritten signature as a stamp to electronically sign and return documents in seconds.
Now you can finally save a PDF form. With no arbitrary need for the originator to enable functionality, you can start working with forms the way they were designed.
Nitro Reader offers a range of powerful tools to extract text and images, allowing you to work with PDF in a way you probably didn't think possible in a free reader.

iText - API to generate documents, pdf and reports

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iText is an API that was developed to allow developers to do the following (and much more):
Generate documents and reports based on data from an XML file or a database
Create maps and books, exploiting numerous interactive features available in PDF
Add bookmarks, page numbers, watermarks, and other features to existing PDF documents
Split or concatenate pages from existing PDF files
Fill out interactive forms
Serve dynamically generated or manipulated PDF documents to a web browser
iText is not an end-user tool. You have to build iText into your own applications so that you can automate the PDF creation and manipulation process.

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