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How to protect a column or columns

How to protect a column or columns

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I have created a worksheet and want to protect several cells or columns so that they can only be changed by me. However there are other cells or columns that I want accessible to other users.
How can this be done or Can it be done?

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hid and protect columns

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I want to hide 2 columns and protect them so they and not be opened without a password, the rest of the spreadsheet need to be open so anyone can add (paste new rows of data) to it.

How can I password protect a particular column?

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I want to hide a column and protect it by a password, so that people may work on (edit) in other columns and rows with out being able to unhide my hidden

Protect a column

Free: Yes
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Is there a way to protect a specific column on a worksheet from editing information in it.
E.g. I would like to protect column B on a worksheet I have but only Column B not the whole worksheet.
How can I accomplish this please?

how do I protect a column on a worksheet

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

on my worksheet, which anyone can use, how do I deny everyone from entering data on 3 entire columns? these columns contain formulas that deal with the data entered in the other columns.

How can i protect a formula and still allow copy and move data?

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I have 12 columns with data on days and each new day I want to add a new day to the set of 12 columns without adding a 13th one. So the oldest day are removed and the view is still 12 days.
In these columns some values are calculated with formulas from data residing in the column (not from other columns) and I want to protect the formula but allow the column to be moved one step to the left.
As of now I haven't been able to use the built in functions of protection of cells and protection of formulas.

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Protect Copyrights using Watermarks

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Protect copyrights for your images with professional looking watermarks using Bytescout Watermarking freeware. Do you often take photos of your friends and family and publish them to the Web? Have you ever had your photos stolen from your Website? To protect them from being used without your permission, use our utility to add visible watermarks and be sure that your photos are secure.

Protect Your Pages

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If you are in a need for a simple and easy-to-use password protection and user authentication for your pages, but do not require a complicated user management system then look no further!
Protect Your Pages is a session-based login system with the ability to define multiple users with different access levels.
- No database required, only PHP .
- Full documentation provided with easy-to-follow steps.
- Easy to customize
- Uses MD5 hashing and salt for additional security.

Page Protect

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This is an easy to use script for users who do not have the ability to use .htaccess but want to protect non sensitive information. Full instructions included

Atrise HTMLock: Protect and Hide HTML Source Code

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HTMLock allows you to password protect HTML and hide HTML source of your pages. With this tool you can encrypt HTML pages to place them on your web site, CD/DVD, or hard drive. You can password protect HTML and text files.
The program is based on JavaScript, so it works virtually anywhere. The user-friendly wizard helps you to encrypt HTML and text files in just a few clicks. As the result you get a single HTML file that contains both encrypted text and JavaScript to enable the text to be displayed after the right password is entered.

Disable right click to protect source code and images

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There are many reasons you might want to disable the right click function within your webpages. Maybe you want to try and protect your images or source code etc... A Javascript that can stop your visitors from right clicking your webpages is quite helpful. This no right click javascript will open an auto centering alert box providing a message to the visitor.

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