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How to make a Module available in all excel workbooks.

How to make a Module available in all excel workbooks.

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I have a module based on SpellNumber by Microsoft to convert numbers into figures in local currency. How do I make it available in Excel 2010 in general so that it is automatically available in all workbooks, instead of having to import it for each individual workbo

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associating a module with all new workbooks

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Is there a way to set excel to associate an existing module by default whenever a new excel workbook is created? I have a module full of miscellaneous custom spreadsheet functions. I can manually re-create the module whenever I need it and would like these to always be available without having to manually create it each time I open a new workbo

Wild Card in Excel VBA module

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I want to open a workbook that changes from user to user at any time.
I have been using the following code but am having trouble trying to insert a wild card "*"
All of the workbooks end with TempTbl512.xls. However, it begins with such names as Richard; Gene; etc.
Workbooks.Open Filename:="Z:\Cars98\geneTEMPTBL512.xls" - this works.
However, I am trying to make it generic with the use of the wild card such as:
Workbooks.Open Filename:="Z:\Cars98\*TEMPTBL512.xls"

Find items in Workbooks("2.xls") from Workbooks("1.xls")

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I am writing my code in a module inside Workbooks("1.xlsm"). I would like to search a string, say "51-433" located in Workbooks("2.xls"). Normally, I would switch to Workbooks("2.xls") using Workbooks(xx).activate, and utilize Cell.Find to look for "51-433". If I have 10,00 searches, this may consume resources otherwise can be avoided. Is there a way I can query string "51-433" in Workbooks("2.xls") from Workbooks("1.xlsm") without physically switch to Workbooks("2.xls")?

Global Variables for two workbooks

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I use global variables in a module in VBA for excel.
I need use same variables for other workbook.
How declare this variables for use two workbooks?

group workbooks/files to make global changes?

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Can this be done ?
I have several workbooks / xls files . They have the same format /setup so I would like to make a change to a formula in one on say cell B3 and have the change be made across all the other workbooks/ files.

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