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How to get VBA to answer a close (save) file prompt

How to get VBA to answer a close (save) file prompt

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I have code in my Excel spreadsheet to copy and paste from a worksheet to a new worksheet. I then save this new worksheet as a CSV type file. When I close this active window (the CSV file) via VBA, it asks me if I want to save the file (I have to manually say "no").
How do I get VB to either say no automatically or bypass this message and close the file?

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No "Save prompt" on closing Excel

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They say it's only easy if you know the answer, but I've never come across this before.
I'm running Excel 2010, and when I click on the X button to close the application, it automatically closes without giving me a save prompt beforehand! I normally save prior, but sods law, on the one occasion I don't, then I've lost the changes to the workbook as it didn't prompt me to save changes prior to closing!
Can anyone help in getting this function back on? (It did work in the past, but I can't for the life of me think what I've done to disable it!)

Save on Close

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Is it possible to turn of the save prompt when you close an excel document with VBA? If so, how?

Bypass Save Prompt

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I have a macro to perform a bunch of functions, then save and close a worksheet. However, whenever this runs, before closing it asks "would you like to save" or something like this. The code I have so far is:
Sub the macro()
' Bunch of code up here
Windows("This Window").Close
End Sub
Every time this runs, it asks me to save (Yes No Cancel)
How can I bypass this or make it automatically choose Yes?

VBA code to save and close a workbook

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with the help of Lucerne (thanks dude) I finally got my macro finished. Now all I want to do is save and close it.
I have this:
but I still get prompted if I want to save the file or not -

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I would like to run a macro that will save the workbook in a
particular directory, but it will prompt the user for the file name.

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- Timeline with oscillogram of WAV file,
- Configured via XML ,
- JavaScript interaction,
- Custom size,
- Custom colors,
- Language localization,
- Examples are attached.

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