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How to extract one or two 11 digits numbers from an alpha numeric string

How to extract one or two 11 digits numbers from an alpha numeric string

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I have data in cells like this.
A1= SYED AKHTAR ALI SHAH 3630203120065 03009632964
A2= Nissa Ahmad Nadeen 03006884081
A3= KHADIM HUSSAIN 3630309830551 03027369268
Now every cell has text and two or three numbers separated by uneven spaces.
I want to
1. extract the last 11 digit number from each cell i.e the one starts with 03
2. If in a cell there are two 11 digits numbers starting with 03, I want to extract them both either in separate cells or in one cell but with comma separator.
I am an average user so unable to capitalize on the previous discussion by you

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I may not have explained myself well enough in my last post. So
here goes again.
I'm trying to capture / extract specific data within a string of text in a cell. I need to capture a string of numeric characters plus only the first alpha character immediately after the numbers. The numbers of alpha characters varies before the numeric characters. So my cells could look like this: TT10TT or TT100TT or
TT1TT etc. My output from the cells would be 10T or
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me out. I've looked all over for a solution to
my sorting in excel. I've seen sorting with alpha numeric where it starts with a number and ends with an alpha or opposite that. What I need is something that sorts by numeric alpha then numeric again. The fields change in size such as:
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The item numbers my company uses to identify a certain product has changed from being alpha-numeric to only numeric. For example, we use to call a product 5700A31DP and now it is simply 5700. Thousands of these alpha-numeric codes are listed in excel and I don't have time to go through them all manually. Is there a way that I can transform 5700A31DP to 5700?
Basically, I need f(5700A31DP)=5700, where f is a function in excel.

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I want a formula to identify container numbers by looking at the first 4 digits in a string. If it is a true container number, then the first 4 digits will be alpha. Is there a formula that does this? I've looked and can't find one, however I did have a similar question answered for Access here .

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extract every odd digit from a numeric string
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Could a simple function be derived for Excel?
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Original Odd digit Result
i.e. resulting combination

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This .Net control is very powerful for designers to configure different kinds of odometers which has the ability to roll numbers for realistic odometer-like visual effect. The fonts size, text color, border style, Inner border color and length, outer border color and length, number of digits, gradient display or not, highlight change or not, and other features can be configured by the designers at design time or run time.

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- Option to extract or exclude email containing only certain string.
- Option to extract web addresses instead of email addresses.

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