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How to create a table which calculates the angles in a Pie Chart?

How to create a table which calculates the angles in a Pie Chart?

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I have a tally chart, a bar chart and a pie chart. How do I construct a table which will calculate the angles in the pie chart ?

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Data Table With A Pie Chart

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I have created a pie chart showing the % of value of customers, as requested. I would like to show the currency values I used to develop the % in data table below the Pie chart. It's easy enough in a bar chart but is it not an option for Pie Charts?

PIE Chart within a pie chart

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I need to create a pie chart withing a pie chart.
Basically the data is below
Column A Column B
Pass 30
Fail 20
Out of the 30 that passed 20 were boys and 30 were girls
Can all this be shown in one pie chart?

creating a pie chart

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when I select the text that I want to create the pie chart from and I click on insert, chart, and I select the pie chart, it just shows me a line instead of the pie chart.

How to create a pie chart with 793 numbers? Possible?

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I've been trying to create a pie chart with 793 numbers on one single column, the column consists of various numbers and I would like to take a percentage of numbers on the column, for example there are 100 tens ranging from cell A1 to A99 and 500 1's ranging from cell A100 to A699 and other
numbers, is it possible to create a pie chart with that many numbers?
-- Every time I tried to create the pie chart using the chart wizard, the finished chart will always shown with so many different slices, any tips on how to create the pie chart would be

Pie Chart - Columns

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I have 2 problems with a pie chart.
The first is that my data is in columns and I can't seem to get the pie chart to work. I have the first column which is the description, and then the second column is the amount. But every time I try to put that into a pie chart it won't work, it only seems to want to work when the dat is in rows.
The second problem I have is that I want to be able to create pie chart from data within a list. The problem is the list can be say 200 rows long, but I want to create a pie chart from the list with rows the meet certain criteria.
So I have a second table that brings out the rows that meet the criteria but when I do the pie chart I will have to allow for up to 200 rows because I
will never know how many rows will meet the criteria.

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XML Animated Pie Chart

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You can set from AS the colors for caption and tool tip text
You can edit general properties from XML
- The position of the pie.
- The width and height of the chart.
- The rotation of the pie chart.
- The distance for onRollOver event.
- Can animate in a synchronized movement or not.
- position for the captions

Simple Pie Chart for HTML

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The SimplePieChart is a simple, easy to use Flash-based pie chart that you can include on your webpage. It allows you to easily set the parameters of the pie chart in an external XML file, removing the need to have Flash installed.

3D Pie Chart Applet

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Setup a pie chart of your data with this cool 3D pie chart applet. Here, you can easily specify your number data with text labels and then have a description for each data be displayed as a tip text when you move the mouse pointer across a pie piece.
Number data can be an integer or have floating point values. A color value, label text and tip text description for each number data can be specified.
Supports a background image.
Specify font type, font size and font style of the text and title.
You can specify the text color, title color, selection color, background color, the description text and background color.
The pie and marker size can be specified.
Compatible with any Java compatible browser.

Premium Interactive Multi Charts Compilation XML

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This file is a nice high-quality value pack worth $66USD. It is a compilation of all our premium multi chart components. The following chart types are included: line chart, area chart, curve chart, stacked bar chart, regular bar chart, wave chart, pie chart, step chart.
All charts can be XML driven. Many parameters can be set. Take a look into the preview to get an impression or visit the components product overview pages.
Components included:
- Multi Bar Chart
- Multi Line/Area Chart
- Multi Pie Chart
- Multi Curve Chart
- Multi Wave Chart
- Multi Step Chart

Pie Preloader

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A dynamic, circular preloader. Just drop it into your first frame and it works! Circle movieclip can be changed to any circular object you desire.

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