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How to create a bell curve / normal distribution graph

How to create a bell curve / normal distribution graph

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I am having hard time to create the bell curve. I have sorted the data (please see the attached file) according to the distribution (only the green marked data) and I believe I will have to use different formulas to create the column graph and the curve.
I would appreciate it a lot if someone could take a look at this an advise, how to do it. I have already spend couple of hours researching how to do this but it seems to be quiet complex. Is there an easy way to create that type of chart?

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at Excel and need help graphing a sampling distribution of of the sample proportion. sample is 150, sample proportion is .15, std deviation is .029 How do I make a normal bell curve?

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I have discovered how to create a normal distribution (Bell) curve on my excel spreadsheet. The instructions on the net all seem the same, and the curve always covers the same width 1 to 8 or 9. I am trying to produce a curve to lok at a number of ratings the lowest is 0 and the highest 5 How do I amend the width of the bell. I believe it is something to do with the standard deviation number which is generated and used. But now I'm lost

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I am looking to draw the following graph in my attachment (please see attached PDF).
I tried converting them into histogram and then into a bell curve, but couldn't get it to work,
because I don't understand terms such as "bin range". Can someone enlighten me on whether I need to convert the data into a histogram first then into a separate bell curve? If so, could someone show me how I should do it? Many thanks
PS - I understand that the graph I am looking for should be a normal distribution (I'm guessing it's not a standard normal distribution graph as the graph I am looking for is not one with 0 in the middle). Please kindly advise me.

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I think its too early in the morning or I have just worn my brain out with information over the last 2 weeks!
Anyway, I figured I would differ this one to the group for a simple solution!
I want to simulate a bell curve with random numbers for test data, so I need a formula to return a large percentage of numbers around a mid point and get less and less to the outside, with a very marginal amount of really wild outside points!
was where I was looking

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