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how to count if cell "contains" a word

how to count if cell "contains" a word

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(Using Excel2003/WinXP) I am trying to count the number of times 2 values are in a cell. The string may contain the values ",abcd, ab cf," or ",ab cf, abcd," The other part that's stumping me is the string could be ",abcd, ab cf, ab cg," (or longer). I am wanting to know the number of times the cell contains "abcd" and "ab cf" no matter what order it's in. I will try to show an example below:
2 ,abcd, ab cf,
3 ,abcd, ab cf, ab cg,
4 ,abcd, ab cg,
5 ,ab cf, abcd,
I would want to include cell 2, cell 3, and cell 5 in my count, but not 1 or 4. Can I do this?

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If A1 has value "Two plus Two makes four"
and A2 has value "Two", the required answer (counting the specific word (Two) in this case) should be 2.
Please provide formula to achieve this.

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I am trying to find the "true" word count of a cell. Please see attached file. I need it to exclude any numbers, characters, etc, just count real words.
Formula IF(LEN(TRIM(A2))=0,0,LEN(TRIM(A2))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2," ",""))+1) returned 9, but it should return 6, when counts only # of real words.

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I need to count the number of times specific words appear in a sheet , I'm not having much luck on my own as the word might be within the cell but not constitute the whole contents.
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some cells say "over achievement Q1"
some cells say "over achievement bonus"
some cells say "overachieve growth"
Say the word over achievement appears in 50 rows in combination with other words. I want a count of how many times the word appears in a range of cells even though the cells are different.
Is there a way to count that?

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I need a function that tests whether a cell containing multiple words includes certain text. For example, test for the occurrence of the string "alarm" and give me a count. One spreadsheet cell contains all of the following text:
The event alarmed 3 times with 1 alarm being critical.
The text string "alarm" actually appears twice in that statement, one of which was a word. What two sets of syntax will allow me to capture both conditions.a string match or a word match.

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