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How to copy a formula into large data range

How to copy a formula into large data range

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I have a spreadsheet with nearly 200,00 rows of data and want to insert a formula into a selected column which contains some data, thus overwriting the data in that column. I can't copy the formula in the first cell and use cntrl-shift-down arrow to go to the end of the active cells, as it jumps only to the next blank cell in the column. I then need to manually keep skipping to the next blank cell which is time consuming. I also can't filter out the blanks as the formula in this list (p.s. the list is also filtered to begin with) needs to have this formula entered in each blank cell. Is there some way I can copy the formula and use 'goto' or a similar function to quickly copy the cells into this large data range?

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Tags: Excel › Functions

I am moving info using the LARGE 1, LARGE 2, LARGE 3, LARGE 4. I need the info sorted in groups of 4. I put the formula in the first cell, A3,
=LARGE(jan!$AA$54:$AA$57,1). When I copy it down the 1 on the end of the formula stays 1. Then I have manually go back and change to 2,3,4. Is there a way to get it to change since I have lots of them to do?

How to copy large data into new sheet?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

guy, I'm having 10,00 data like this....
I'm trying to copy the whole data and I have it in filter, when I press copy it said data too big. So how can I copy 10,00 of these data into new sheet?

How do I copy a vlookup formula without changing the data range?

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Tags: Excel › Functions

I am trying to copy a vlookup formula from one row to another row. However, the data range of the formula changes. My original data range is A1:O5049, the data range in the formula on row 500 is A499:V5548. This is creating my vlookup from capturing all data from the spreadsheet it is pulling from. How do I keep the data range the same?

Cannot copy large data set

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have an excel spreadsheet with well over 105,00 records. I need to copy specific rows with a specific tag. Simple enough. I just use the filter at the column, select the tag and I have the data I need to copy. However, after I copy the data I get the error indicating the data selection is too complex (see attachment).
The only way around this is I have to manually delete small sections of rows at a time which is exceptionally time consuming.

Find the nth largest value in a filtered range

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

The Large() function does not return the correct value in a range that has been filtered. As a workaround I have to copy the filtered range into a new sheet and apply the large function to get the correct result. While this method is clunky, it works.
Just wondering if there is any other built in formula to return the nth largest value in a filtered range without having to do the copy and paste. Or an array formula?

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