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How to Compare two columns and highlight both if Same Value

How to Compare two columns and highlight both if Same Value

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I am okay at using Microsoft excel but I am really lost with this! I want to compare two columns of Number and if the numbers match I want it to highlight these columns!
here is a screenshot of what I want to do. Could some one Please Please help me! this would mean me actually keeping my Job!

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Compare two columns in two different spreadsheets and Highlight difference

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My request is
1) To compare one column A in sheet1 with column A in sheet 2 , once the value of both are equal, then compare Column B of sheet1 and column B of Sheet2, if they are same , do nothing but if they are different , Highlight it with a colour.
2) If the value in column A of sheet 1 is not present in the column A of sheet 2 , then show "New Entry"
Kindly help me with a macro or some formula which can give these results. Spreadsheet attached.

Compare Columns

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I have two columns:
Customers: Prospects
Abc <highlight>Ghi<highlight>
Def <highlight>Abc<highlight>
Ghi Tuv
I want to run a search against the customers in column A and to see if they appear in the prospects column, if they do, I want to highlight them automatically. It has to be done automatically because in the real list there are about 140 customers and 400+ prospects.

Compare and highlight EXCEL 2007

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I know this has been answered gazillion times on the Internet, but for some reason I can't find a solution. I have two sheets. In both sheets, column A is called automotive and has a value underneath (like 876545). What I first wanted to do was compare two sheets to highlight the values that are not common. I couldn't do it so I used MATCH option to compare two columns A and B. The values that were not common returned #N/A in Column C. Now I want to highlight the cells in column A that have corresponding #N/A in column C.
Conditional formatting doesn't work. I am using Excel 2007.

Compare and Highlight Rows

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I have an excel file with two worksheets. is there a way to programmatically compare the two worksheets to find matches and highlight those matches on each worksheet.
They both have the same columns.
I want to compare the InspectionID column.
The Inspection ID column may have duplicates in both of the worksheets.
I have never done anything in excel above the beginner level. However, I am a very skilled VBA programmer (programmed in ACCESS for over 10 years).

compare 5 columns of text and highlight duplicates based on repeti

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I run a summer camp and I have a ws with 5 columns, each representing a calendar year (2005-2009). The columns each have 500 names (first and last) of campers that attended that year. I'd like to compare the columns and have Excel highlight names that appear in more than one column. Preferably with a color that represents duplication 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x. I'm trying to determine who attended 2 years, who attended 3 years and so on. The color would be based on how many years attended rather than individual names. I have Excel 2007 and I'm new at this whole programming stuff.

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Compare And Contrast XML Image Gallery

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The Compare and Contrast XML Image Gallery lets the user compare two images at once. It has thumbnails which the user can drag and drop into two larger image areas that also have a one-line description area. The user can also click the larger images which makes them size up to a full browser size. You can have as many thumbnails/images as you want and as many category gallery pages as the width of your gallery can hold.
AS3 only. Opens with Flash CS3 .
Step by step instructions are included and code is commented. Also, two html files are included to demonstrate SWF embedding for both full browser and fixed size.

jQuery FocusOn - Highlight an area of your website

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Tired of your clients missing some important feature of your web site?, maybe its new and you want to make them notice it.
jQuery FocusOn is a plugin that makes your clients fully focus on a certain area of your web site, it receives an element and will highlight the area of that element an make every thing else opaque and disabled for clicking.

Products Comparison Table

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Products Comparison Table v 1.0 is a swf application which can be included into any html or Flash site along or with other elements on the page. This Table basically designed to compare different products but can be used in other ways when you need to compare some lists of values.

Flexible Image Compare | Before & After

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Here is one of most perfect flash utility for users looking to the difference between two images(jpg/gif/png/swf) and easy to understand manner.
Its a flex actionscript project, but if you want, you can compile it by flash cs4+ by opening and publishing the main.fla in the src folder.
1. Resizable, You can display this flash utility in variable size by setting the players size in the embed code, even in the runtime.
2. Scalable, The two images you want to compare can be freely scaled by the scale slider bar.
3. Draggable, If the images is too large to be displayed in all, then draggable feature is auto enabled, user can drag the image to compare specified area in detail.
4. Full Screen, A large full screen view can let user very easily to compare two images without surroundings.
5. Two view mode, Mode A: Place two images on top of each other and by dragging the slider-bar the viewer can hide and reveal each image allowing both images to be compared. Mode B: Place two images side by side.
6. The published size is only 32kb which means it can be loaded in no time.
7. Skinnable: you can make a skin by editing and publishing the skin.fla in the libs folder.
8. Configurable, The features can be configured by a simple XML file. You actually no need to know the action script or flash, just configure it.

Keyword Analyzer

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This powerful keyword analyzer can analyze any page you provide it and compare keywords against the data. The benefits of this script are:
Allows for you to check competition with keywords to see how they rank, allowing you to compare it to your website and alter it as needed -Allows for you to enter any website to be analyzed -Allows for you to enter as many keywords as you would like to analyze -Scans the entire pages content and provides the best ranked keywords

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