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How to calculate time worked: Start time, end time, lunch break

How to calculate time worked: Start time, end time, lunch break

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I have a sheet which has the start, stop and time taken for lunch breaks.
I want to calculate the total time worked such that I have the hours worked. So if I worked 7 hours and 30min then the total time would be 7.5hrs. But I am not sure how to take into account the lunch break time (see enclosed sheet).

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so I have a spreadsheet with many employees listed.
Each employee has columns for shift start time, break1 start time, break1 end time, lunch start, lunch end, break2 start and break2 end.
I also have a list of meeting times. Each meeting is 50 minutes long.
I am trying to use a formula that will look at all of the columns given and find where the employee is not on a break or lunch, and is on their shift that matches one of the meeting times. -Trying to enter meetings without moving breaks or lunches.
Is there any way to find this without using a good awful number of if statement.

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What I need to do is have people enter the time they start, what time they leave for lunch, come back from lunch and leave at the end of the day. I want Excel to automatically calculate the number of hours and minutes for each of these so that I can then add up the total number of hours and minutes worked each day.
I am having a hard time formatting the cells (do I format them as time or numbers?) and then whenever I try to add or subtract hours, how do you deal with the 12:00 hour, which then seems to mess up any formulas. For example, if someone clocks in at 7 and goes to lunch at 1:30 - how can you create a formula where Excel will get the correct answer of 6:30 minutes worked?

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Is there a way to check the time in two cells to make sure that it doesn't count a lunch break. ie
Start time is 8:45 end time is 16:25 so I need to subtract 30 minutes, however if I run an if statement
and say use >12:30 if the job starts after 12:30 it will still subtract 30 minutes which I don't want.
Also If it ends before 12:00 again no time subtraction.

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I am making a timesheet but having trouble with subtracting times.
I have subtracted 3 times away (start time / lunch break / end time) to calculate hours worked.
I have then taken this from the Contracted hours to see + / - time worked.
However when you look at the calculation of the + / - time worked as a number, there is a a variance at the 16th number past the decimal point when they should be exactly the same (for 07:35 - 07:35). This causes the timesheet to display + and - values for 00:00.
Please see attached excel file on the Example sheet dates 26/01/2011 to 27/01/2011. I have no idea why there is this discrepancy.

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