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How to add a trendline in Excel 2007

How to add a trendline in Excel 2007

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I was once an expert, guru even, helped everybody. Now I can't even find the help menu. So very frustrating.
I have a graph and need to add a trendline. The graph is embedded in a worksheet sitting alongside four other graphs that have trendlines I created with Excel 2003. Trendline is no longer a simple check box on a screen that I can get to. I see it on one of the menus, Trendline, all nice and pretty grey. There's no help on trendline using F1 key, other than giving the formulas. On-line I find instructions on how to add a trendline, duh, and the trendline option is grey. Would anyone mind trying to assess how I've become so incompetent so quickly, and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Ploynomial Trendline Equation Changes After Copy Paste

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In Excel 2007 if you create a XY Scatter Plot and then add a polynomial
trendline to the plot, display the equation, then try and copy/paste the chart to a Word 2007 document the trendline equation in the chart drops one of the orders. If you right click and select Format Trendline, it still lists the correct order equation, but it does not show. If you delete the trendline, and then add it again in the pasted copy of the chart the problem is fixed. I have reproduced this using 2,3,4,5, and 6th order polynomial

Sine trendline in scatter?

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I admit I'm not well versed with Excel 2007, but it doesn't appear that I
can add a sine trend line to my scatter point chart and I need to. Is there a way to do this or perhaps an add-on that adds it to the trendline-type menu?

How do I stop trendline from touching the y-axis?

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I have plotted a few points in a scatter graph and need to add a linear trendline, however everytime I do, it extends the trendline to the Y-Axis, which makes my plots unclear and very bunched up.
I want to be able to add a trendline without it touching the y-axis.

how to: polynomial regression trendline excel 2007

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I had a polynomial regression trendline in Office / Excel 2003. I updated to
Office / Excel 2007 and the trendline disappeared and I can not get it back.

Excel 2007 trendline equation

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I have two sets of data:
data set A (y axis)
data set B (x axis)
there is a slight correlation (0.5041 r^2)
and a linear trendline gave the equation:
is there a way I can display this equation without having to graph it? the data changes frequently enough that it becomes inconvenient to have to do this by hand each time. anybody have any insight?

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