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How specify number format of cell value in concatenate function?

How specify number format of cell value in concatenate function?

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When combining text and cell values in a concatenate function, I would like to control the number format in the concatenate cell: comma separator, decimal place, etc.

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How to Fill Series with CONCATENATE function in the cell

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Tags: Excel ›

I need to fill a series of cells down when the CONCATENATE function is in the cell. I want it to keep the column refs and advance the row refs.
1st cell contains:
=CONCATENATE(CONCATENATE($C$4," ","(",$B$4,")"))
2nd cell:
=CONCATENATE(CONCATENATE($C$5," ","(",$B$5,")"))
so I want the next cell to read:
=CONCATENATE(CONCATENATE($C$6," ","(",$B$6,")"))
I'm kind-a low intermediate level hack.
the clock's ticking dude.

Concatenate Function

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

to get the desired result using Concatenate Function.
I have a huge data in three columns (A, B, & C) and I want to concatenate these three column in one cell, like this - A11_414454_5587_01_01082011
and if the Date in Col C is of 2011 then the first string should be A11, and for 2010 A10, 2009 A09

Concatenate error??

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Tags: Excel ›

I have something which is driving me crazy, I am trying to add a week number to a year number.
I need the result to always contain the same number of characters.
My week numbers are 1-52 and years 2012,2013 etc.
I custom format the week number cell so I always get two digits, 1 becomes 01. and then concatenate year number,weeknumber.
The concatenate works but excel strips the leading zero from the week number so instead of 201201, I get 20121.Arrgghgghh!
anyone know why or how to solve?

Vertical Concatenate function

Free: Yes
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I have rows of data that needs to be concatenate together to form one nice long string. Each row has a number assigned to it. Lets call it ticket number.
Ticket number 1 has 4 rows of data that needs to be concatenate.
Ticket number 2 has 7 rows of data that needs to be concatenate.
How do I concatenate tickets that does not have a fixed number of row? I tried using pivot table to count the number of rows each ticket has. Now that I know, how can tell excel that this ticket has 4 rows to concatenate, that ticket has 7 rows, etc?

format text inside Concatenate

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In xl03, is there a way to format selected text inside a Concatenate function? There are a couple words I want to bold, but don't see any function like UPPER() which would let me specify bold.

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