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How do you randomly assign numbers without getting duplicates?

How do you randomly assign numbers without getting duplicates?

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I'm trying to randomly assign a number between 1 and 9004 for a mailing list in Excel. What I plan to do, is then sort cases from smallest number (1) to
largest number (9004) and take the first half to use in my sample for a survey project. I want each 'case' in the list to receive one number b/w 1 and 9004 with NO duplicates. The formulas I have tried using with no success
in eliminating duplicates a =TRUNC(RAND()*9004) and

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I need to assign a unique number to a set of duplicates all in one column in
so columnA will has about 900 numbers, some of them unique, and others are duplicates of 2-4 approx.
I used to conditional formatting to show which are duplicates, but need to be able to assign a unique number to each set duplicates, that will be in sequential order.
ColumnA ColumnB(unique ID)
Any ideas please? I don't know how to do programming, just formulas in excel.

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can i put in numbers and have the computer randomly draw 1?how?

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I would like to know if there is any way to create a lottery but with numbers I have chosen already. I have 8 five digit numbers and I want to have the computer randomly draw three every week.

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Within a single worksheet I have thousand-plus rows of data and one of the
columns within that worksheet I have a series of numbers. After I've
identified the duplicates within that column I want to assign a value based
on the first time that number shows up (in this case by I've sorted by date),
so the first duplicate would have a value like "1." I then want to assign
the next duplicate(s) sequentially (2, 3, 4, etc.) When finished I would
want a new column of data that would have far more "1s" than "2s," more "2s"
than "3s," etc.
How do I accomplish this?

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