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How do i total a specific sum, using the filter?

How do i total a specific sum, using the filter?

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on my spreadsheet I have several entries from various companies. I am using a filter to isolate certain companies and their amounts at any given time. How can I sum total only the amounts selected?

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how to get total sum by filters

Free: Yes
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I have an expense worksheet with filters, at the bottom of the sheet I have a formula calculating the total expenses. When I filter it by categories, ie: groceries, how do I get the total just for groceries? Is there a formula to calculate the totals everytime I filter the category list? Right now when I filter it by category to see how much I spent on groceries I only get the total for everything.

Sum after Filter, Count after Fliter

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I have a list of filtered data and I want to count the total rows after filtered and also sum the total amount. When I type '=SUM(then select the range),' it will sum all of the hidden cells inbetween. same for the COUNT function. instead of giving the total of '26' cells it selects those inbetween for a total of '616.'
when I highlight the cells with the mouse, the bottom status bar gives the correct count, sum, average, min, max, which is all the data that I'm looking for. how do I transfer that data to my workbook?
Subtotal doesn't work because once I change the filter the value of the

how to get the sum of data on a specific date range

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my question is how to sum the data on a specific date range
i'll put the date from and the date to to get the total sum.
Tried using sumif however it counts all the data that I have selected, I am not knowledgeable on how to put a statement wherein it will be on a specific date.
Date From:5/1/2010
Date To: 5/31/2010
Total Sum:2072.72

auto filter's total are not updating

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I selected the top row of my excel spreadsheet and selected Tool, filter, autofilter.
However, my total are not updating when I select a criteria other than all. Can you help correct the area the filter looks to update the sum totals on the bottom line.

sum total of specific criteria

Free: Yes
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to bother you, but I have been stuck on this particular formula for the last week, and I don't seem to be progressing any further, and I am hoping you can help
basically there are 2 columns, one with currency the other opportunity type.
what I am trying to achieve with the formula ,
1) if the opp type = close opportunity , I want it to add all the totals within tcv which equals to "close opportunity" and give me a subtotal
hope this is self explanatory , if you have any questions please contact me

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