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how do I merge two graphs in excel?

how do I merge two graphs in excel?

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I have created graphs in a worksheet on excel 2003 and I want to merge them all onto one graph - there are 5 in total, each shows a range of job types on the X axis and the number of jobs on the Y axis. I feel as though I am missing something fundamental either in the way I have entered the data on the spreadsheet or missed something obvious on the help pages.Everything I have tried so far has either resulted in the data not transferring from one chart to the other or the line graph transferring but not the data labels.

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I have a user who is pretty good at Excel. He wants to know if there are more sophisticated graphs within EXCEL or add-ons he could use. He had a problem where he inserted 4 graphs into a document and the bottom L/H side one enlarged itself a little and the other graphs played up a bit.
It could be the way he is working with them but he is looking for something that is more easily manipulated.
Any ideas of add-ins or another program. He works with graphs etc all day

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and just want to thank everyone in advance for your help.
I have two spreadsheets they contain the following:
1. First Name Last Name Phone Address City State Zip -- About 30,00 entries
2. Is basically a lead sheet I use that contains fields for all of the above.
Is there any way that when I am talking to a customer from spreadsheet 1 to have that information merge into spreadsheet 2?
I can see this question has been somewhat asked in the past but unfortunately I can only follow specific instructions.

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Can someone tell me what's going on and what can I do to fix it.

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Is there a way of easily aligning them so they all have the same space between them etc.
So far I have been doing it by eye and it is a real headache

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