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How do I merge two cells without deleting data from the cell?

How do I merge two cells without deleting data from the cell?

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I'm highlighting two cells in the same row, hitting format cells, alignment, merge cells and I'm getting the error message, "The selection contains multiple data values. Merging into one cell will keep the upper-left most data only." I want to be able to make the two separate cells one without deleting anything and without having to cut and paste.

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Merge two cells, keep data?

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been a while, busy with work.
I need to know if I can merge two cells data in one piece of information. I am not looking to actually merge two cells, but have the data show in a single cell from two existing cells.
A demo file with the out I am looking for.

How do I merge three cells together, and make one cell of it

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How can I make from cell A2-A4 one cell, the same for cell A5-A7, A8-A10......
If this is working the filter will work the way you see in the example
The reason why I want to merge the cells is that I don't want a value shown in the cells A3,A4,A6,A7....

Merge Cells Noob Question

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I've a table here I'm pasting into Excel and one of the fields pastes into many rows. There's data in all the rows but when I merge cells it only keeps the uppermost left bit. I'm prob missing something obvious here but how do I merge a few rows of cells therefore making all data appear in one cell?

Merge data and keep the data from different rows

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How do you merge cells if we information in different rows.
A1= a
A2= b
A3= c
I want merge all a b and c into A1.
Therefore cell A1 will be a b c

Merge multiple text cells

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Is there an easy way to merge multiple cells that contain text?
If I try merge cell it only wants to use the top most cell.
I have a work book that has a lot of text cells that need to be merged into one cell.
a4 need to be grouped
a16 need to be grouped

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