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how do I merge multiple csv files in one Excel file?

how do I merge multiple csv files in one Excel file?

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I have 200 csv files with data that I want to merge into one Excel file for sorting purposes.

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Searching Multiple csv files

Free: Yes
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I have a sheet with a value and need to search for that value in multiple csv file and return two numbers from that csv file to my original file. I'd prefer not to have edit the csv files or merge them as there approx 1.8 million rows spread over 30 or so files.

Spring is SO SO Near - Can I merge several excel files that are

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I have a folder in My Documents that has 93 Excel CSV files in it. I would like all of the data in each file to be merged into one new Excel file. The files all have the same Header titles. All of them have the exact same structure and the type of content. The files contain a database of item parts. The columns have prices, weight, Man Part #, ETC.
I would like to be able to merge or consolidate all files into one Excel file instead of using the Copy and Paste function.
Thank you. Have a nice day.

Excel Files merge into one XLS file

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I have generated few files with .CSV extension from Microsoft SQLserver200. Client wants them to be in one XLS file with different worksheets for each of these files. How can I do it?

Linking to multiple .csv files

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have software which creates .csv files.
I then have a spreadsheet which I use vlookup to pull data from the .csv's
The issue is that I have >100 .csv's that my spreadsheet is linked to. I have to have ALL those .csv's open for my spreadsheet to work correctly otherwise I get this error multiple times :
Excel cannot update one or more links in this workbook. To update the links open all the link source files ( click Edit links on the data tab). To be sure all calculations are updated, press F9
is it possible for me to do this without opening ALL the .csv's?

Converting one sheet from an enitre excel file to CSV

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Forum members,
I would like to know please if it is possible to make batch covert of multiple xls files to csv, but I do not want to convert all the xls file because they contain many irrelevant sheets.
There is only ONE sheet that is interesting us that today without your software, we must go over 500 of excel files each month and save a specific sheet into a CSV file.
Please if you could explain it would be very kind of you.

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Split Merge PDF

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Split Merge PDF files with PDF splitter & Merger Software phenomenally combine pages from the input PDFs to create a new PDF and split a file in to single pages as well as multiple pages, small in size pdf files based upon the page ranges & page numbers. It is easier, simplest and light weight software that combines two or more Acrobat PDF files into a single PDF document. PDF Splitter and merger is software to split multi-page PDF document into single page PDF document.
Split Merge PDF is stand alone software which provides both facility splitting and merging. Merger function has capability to merge more than one file in to one PDF file and save it to user defined location. Splitter Function has ability to split one PDF file in to single page as well as multiple pages PDF document according to user requirement. Both functions have page range option which is used to merge or split page number. PDF splitter and merger don't need any software such as adobe acrobat. Software comes with graphical user interface so that any one uses this application with any help or any technical knowledge.

fdf-Converter: PDF to CSV

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df-Converter is a desktop application which creates CSV files from your PDF form data, and gives you and your company the ability to quickly turn your useless data into a data mine (like Excel, Access) of valuable information. How does that work? You simply have to select a FDF or PDF file or directory with unlimited numbers of FDF / PDF files and fdf-Converter will convert all of them to CSV file format. You want all data imported to a certain spreadsheet? No problem. With some few clicks you select an unlimited number of FDF / PDF files graphically and organize data import to one single file.
For you can call up fdf-Converter from other applications or via parameter passing you are able to process FDF / PDF files to different data formats in series - automatically!


Free: Yes
Tags: PHP › Excel Backup MySQL

This class can be used to dump MySQL tables into compressed CSV files.
It can query the values of the records of the tables of a given MySQL table and generate CSV files with table contents. By default it dumps all database tables, but it can exclude a list of given tables.
The class can gather all dumped CSV files and compact them in a ZIP archive.

Website Translation Class Pro

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This script can be used to make a multilingual websites. It has the unique feature of automatic translating untranslated strings with Google translator. If the translation is not 100% correct you can manually change the translation in
the CSV language file. You dont need to create the CSV files yourself because the script will automaticly detect witch strings are not in the CSV yet and create a line for these strings.
An advantage of using CSV files to save the translations in is that these files can be send to a translator whom can open these in Excel and start translating them.

DataStreams: CSV file Parser for use in the .Net framework

Free: No
Tags: ASP.NET › Excel Databases Tools

The DataStreams framework started out as a stream based parser for CSV files for use in the .Net framework. The framework has since evolved to include Excel XLS, Excel 2007 XLSX, fixed width, and XML files. Bulk insert capability for Microsoft SQL Server has been added for use with SqlBulkCopy under the .Net 2.0 framework.
Stream based parsers allow for ultimate performance, low resource usage, and nearly unlimited versatility scalable to any size data file, even tens or hundreds of gigabytes. Event based data manipulation and validation allows total control over the flow of data during the bulk insert process.
Thoroughly tested code used by hundreds of companies guarantees the production ready stability and versatility required for enterprise level systems.

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