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how do I get a formula to automatically refresh that's a macro?

how do I get a formula to automatically refresh that's a macro?

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I have a formula that counts cells that have been highlighted.
But I have to redraw it to get it to refresh after I highlight cells. can someone tell me how to get it to automatically refresh after I highlight

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Running a macro from an auto-refresh

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I have a worksheet that imports data using a data query from an Access database.
The external data range properties are set to auto refresh the data every 5 minutes.
Is there a way for the data refresh to automatically run a macro every

Check if internet connection is alive

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Is there a way within a macro to check and see if an internet connection is alive? Meaning I have a sheet that automatically refreshes every 15 minutes. I would like to run my macro, which includes
Selection.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False
to refresh the table. However I am not always connected to the internet and it returns an error saying it cannot connect, and do I want to Debug/End. I choose Debug then move the cursor below that point and continue the macro.
It would be nice if I didn't have to do this step, if it would automatically skip the query.refresh.

Macro to refresh a leaderboard

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I am creating a leaderboard with votes 3, 2, 1 and I want my leaderboard to refresh with a macro.
I have self taught my way with this conversation,
and I need some help just to finish off the job!

Refresh - F2

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You are probably tired of this type of question, but here goes.
Is there any way to quickly go through a spreadsheet with the
F2 Enter (to refresh a cell) I have tried a Macro, as well as the copy and paste special with the Multiply which works for format dates etc. I want to refresh the blank cells that once had a formula, so it will not be included in COUNT.

Query Table Refresh Macro in Excel 2007

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I've got a simple macro that has worked for years to refresh Query Tables when needed.
However, when I create a new Query Table with Excel 2007, the code no longer works. I'm guessing the Query Table created with Excel 2007 isn't the same. Could anyone help me? Thanks.
Sub Refresh()
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim myQryTable As QueryTable
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
For Each myQryTable In ws.QueryTables
myQryTable.Refresh False

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Countdown timer for Formula 1 Races. Completely customisable. All race dates and times are stored in an customisable XML file. It will countdown to all sessions by itself. There is no need to refresh the page the counter will automatically update.
The counter is currently set up to countdown to every Formula One session at each Grand Prix. It will count to both Friday Practice sessions, Saturday Practice, Qualifying and the Race. When each session is in progress, the counter will show Event In Progress and this will automatically start counting down to the next session once the current one is finished.

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Calculate your product prices based on the Cost + Price Markup formula. Cost Based Pricing extension for Magento will enable you to specify the cost and price markup for each product. The extension makes it easy to manage prices: you can define the rules that would automatically trigger the markup change according to the sales level, and once the markup is changed, all prices are also automatically updated.
Cost Based Pricing features:
- Enables Admin to specify product cost and price markup (either fixed or %);
- Calculates product prices based on the Cost + Price Markup formula and displays the prices in product catalog;
- Price for each product can be either calculated automatically or entered manually by Admin;
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- Enables Admin to define rules for automatic price markup adjustment depending on the sales level;
- Comes with a User Manual;
- The extension's functionality code is 100% Open Source.

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Smilies has 18 smilies, most of which are available in over 250 different colors.
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Enhanced Board features include:
All the features of the Basic Tag-Boards plus:
- 100% Customization, including colors, emoticons, html formatting, and more
- Control Evildoers with ip banning, flood control, profanity lists, and clone blocking
- Chat back and forth in real time with auto refresh

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