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how do I figure a 15% projected increase of current quotas?

how do I figure a 15% projected increase of current quotas?

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I have entered a formula which figures a 10% projected increase in current quotas. Now I am supposed to change it to a 15% projected increase. I
thought if I just changed the number from 1.1 to 1.15 I could get the new numbers, but it didn't work.

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How do I write a formula with absolute cell references

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I am trying to write a formula with absolute cell references for the following;
Determine the projected quotas at 10% of the current quotas.
15% of the current quotas and 20% of the current quotas.

Fine future value

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My maths have become very rusty. I just need to calculate following:
(A) Current Salary: X
% of salary increase per year: 3
Projected overall salary earned in 20 years: ?
(B) Current Salary: X
% of salary increase per year: 3
Annual bonus per year: 10% of X
Projected overall salary earned in 20 years: ?
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Percentage Increase for 36 months of prices

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I am new to this and am hoping for anyones help with the following problem !
I have 36 months of prices for all of the food products my company buys, and need to get the percentage increase.
I can do this by taking the first figure and last figure and getting the percentage increase between the start figure and end figure.
What I want to know is; is there anyway of getting an average percentage increase across the full range of the prices.
I presume its going to include getting an average some how but after that I am stuck really.

Projected Date Excel 2003

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I am trying to calculate a projected date in Excel and cant seem to figure this out. Here is the criteria.
As of 18 March 2010 my aircraft has 28.9 hours remitting until inspection.
I want to calculate the projected date when the inspection will be due (when 28.9 reaches 0) based on 2 flight hours a day (weekdays only) we do not fly on the weekend.
When I calculate it by hand at 2 flight hours a day (excluding weekends) I get a projected date of 7 April 2010
I am looking for the formula to calculate this in excel for me.

Increase the data variation range

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I have time series of water level data. The data is tidal data and it has a variation like a sinusoidal curve. What I want to do is I want to increase the variation of the time series. I want a program or code to find out the maximum of the sinusoidal curve and then increase the values. I want to increase the peak in both negative and positive. I don't know how to do that in excel . Would somebody give me some tips on how to proceed ?
The attached figure shows the time series of two sets of data. One is current and another is new . I want the increase the variation of new data in both higher and lower direction by 0.2.

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