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How do I export Lotus Approach files into an Excel spreadsheet?

How do I export Lotus Approach files into an Excel spreadsheet?

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I need to export data from Lotus Approach to Excel; please help. I am using an old version of Lotus SmartSuite 9.5 and I have Microsoft Office 2003 Basic.

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Export from EXCEL to IBM Lotus Form(.xfdl)

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second question for everyone. I have a database built in excel 2007. I need each row to fill out a sheet on an fuddle form. Is this even possible? I try and upload a sample form for everyone to see if needed.

Attaching to Lotus Notes

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I need to be able to automate the sending procedure from Excel to Lotus Notes.
I basically need a button on a spreadsheet to attach the active spreadsheet to a Lotus Notes Email and be able to have some text in the body of the email and the subject.
The email will be filled in from lotus notes.

open/import Lotus wk4 files into Excel 2007 w\ formulae intact

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I do not access to Lotus Smart suite and need to import an old Lotus wk4 spreadsheet into Excel with the formulate intact. It would be huge hassle to recreate it and I am not going to invest in Smart suite.

Lotus 123 files in Excel?

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Is it possible to open Lotus 123 files in Excel?
If so, what would I need and or how would I go about this?

Using files from lotus 1-2-3

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I am using Office 2003 with Microsoft XP Home Edition. I open files
previously saved in Lotus 1-2-3 as *.XLS.
I am able to edit and add data to the file, but when I print the file it has a dense, large, black overlay of the first characters in the file name, obliterating much of the data. This shows in the print preview and in the final printed copy.
How do I eliminate this overlay?

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Office Library

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This project contains an office library class that capable of exporting and importing data from different formats like Excel, Word, CSV and XML .
- Easy to integrate;
- Export Gridview, Repeater and DataList with AjaxToolkit items to CSV and Excel;
- Export GridViews current page or entire DataSet;
- Export DataTable to CSV ;
- Export DataTable to Excel;
- Export DataTable to XML ;
- Export HTML code to Word document;
- Ability to choose what columns to ignore on export;
- Import XML files to DataTable;
- Import Excel files to DataTable;
- Import CSV files to DataTable;
- Conversion from List of objects to DataTable method for ease of exporting data;

Compress files without zipping them - Software

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FILEminimizer Suite compresses PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF and image files by 50-90% without zipping. The software sports an intuitive interface and lets you optimize the size of your Office files (97-2010), PDF documents as well as your JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF, EMF and PNG image files without changing the native file format. The optimization is visually lossless preserving the original visual quality of a file at all times. It integrates into Microsoft Office and into your email program (supports Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes clients) to optimize your office and image attachments directly before sending. You can easily bypass email size limitations and won't clog up your recipient's inbox. It relieves Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino email servers by 50-90% optimizing the whole email infrastructure in corporations.

jPDFImages : Import and export images in PDF Document

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jPDFImages is a Java library to export images from PDF files and to import images into PDF files. jPDFImages can create images from pages in a PDF document and export them as JPEG, TIFF or PNG images. Additionally, it can return the image of any page in the document to the host Java application as a BufferedImage for further processing or to save in different formats.
jPDFImages can also create documents or add pages to existing documents by importing TIFF, JPEG and PNG images. After creating or modifying a document, the library can save to the local file system or to an output stream to be able to serve the document directly to a client browser when working within a J2EE server.
jPDFImages is built on top of Qoppa's proprietary PDF technology so you do not have to install any third party software or drivers. jPDFImages is also 100% Java, so it is completely platform independent and can run on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX and any other platform that supports the Java runtime environment.

EMS Data Export for MySQL

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EMS Data Export for MySQL is a powerful tool to export MySQL database data quickly to any of 19 available formats, including MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word (RTF), HTML, XML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, ODF and others. The program supports Unicode data and has the ability to export MySQL data from several tables, views or queries at the same time. Data Export for MySQL includes a wizard, which allows you to set MySQL export options for each table visually (destination filename, exported fields, data formats, and much more) and a command line utility to export MySQL data from tables and queries in one-touch. Compatible with Win7

reForm - The Ajax Contact+ Form

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Contact form with Ajax that can be integrated with any website very easily and could be configured in minutes, without modifying any line in the actual source code. Plenty of pre-defined examples help you integrate the script the way you want it, whether database storage, csv export or submission to Google Spreadsheet. You can enable/disable any feature like IP inclusion, auto-responder etc in configuration files. Extending the reForm could be done via available plugin files, extend reform without changing core files!

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