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How do I create a boxplot in Excel?

How do I create a boxplot in Excel?

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Is it possible to make a box plot in excel, I think I remember doing it once. a long time ago.

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how to creat boxplot graph by Excel?

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how to create box plot graph by Excel?

Boxplot chart in Excel

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I've calculated a five-number summary for data in Excel. How do I setup a

percentile markers or boxplot on excel scatter graph

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I am trying to create percentile markers next to each group on a scatter graph. The percentile markers are 5th, 25th, 50th, 75th and 95th. The markers should be in the shape of a box plot. There are 4 groups and the markers should be next to each group. I tried using the drawing tool (in Microsoft word) to do this but it was difficult to get the lines in the correct position.
I'm using Microsoft excel 2003.

making boxplot in excel 2007

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Got a problem on making a box plot in excel 2007.
I used to make excel 2003 to make the box plot, but now I have the 2007 edition.
I learned from my teacher that I need to use the "High-Low-lines" and the
"Up/down-bars" to make the box plot.
The problem is that when I made the "Up/down-bars" it will cover the
data-points so I can't see median ect.
Is there anyway to change the order of the chart-figures like to show the data-point at the top, the up/down-bars in the middle and the high-low-lines at the bottom just like when u change the order of several objectives?
Sorry my English! Want to show u guys what I mean but don't know a place where I can place pis of the screenshot

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Memberkit is a web development framework for webmasters. You can now easily create professional membership sites.
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You can create as many surveys as you want for multiple Internet domains for just one single payment. No longer do you have to pay everytime that you want to create an additional survey for your site or create the same survey for additional domains. You will be able to save on both production costs and royalty fees.
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All Web help documents on our website are generated entirely with Word-2-Web.
Unique Features
Template-based and full customizable.
Create full text search engine. (Pro Edition)
Create page header/footer as in the Word document.
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Convert cross-reference to hyper-link.
Command line and project supports, and much more.

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