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how do i change the x-axis of a graph to a log scale?

how do i change the x-axis of a graph to a log scale?

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I've got some data that I want to display on a semi log graph, but I want to change the x-axis to a log scale, not the y-axis.

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how to produce a lin-log graph instead of log-lin graph?

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I want to produce a linear-log graph in excel (that means linear scale in y-axis and log scale in x-axis).however, the only form that I can draw a graph is in log -linear graph (which is log scale in x-axis and linear scale

How to draw chart: log scale on X axis, natural scale on y axis?

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How to draw chart: log scale on X axis, natural scale on y axis? sample data is given below. This chart is used for Civil Engineering?
X axis Y axis Sieve size % passing

Moving X-axis in Excel Graph

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Even when I change with the scale of the y axis (as I can't change the
scale/spacing for some reason of the x axis), my x-axis does not match up with y-axis in my Excel graph.
That is, it's like the first point of the graph is 1 spot to the right and the x-axis is 1 spot over to the left. So it's hard to see what data in the graph aligns to what month (x-axis).

why my 2nd series scale change?

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I have a 2003 excel graph with 1st and 2nd series on Y axis left and right.
I did change the scale of Y axis left equal to Y axis right when create the graph.
The graph is dynamic with data and some times I found the scale of Y left and Y right mismatch?
Why is that?
How can I make Y left and Y right scale equal no matter what data change?
IF I delete the Y right scale, is it guarantee that the scale of Y left and Y right will be equal?

Logarithmic Scale for the X-Axis

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I am currently using Excel 2007 and need to make a semi-log scale with the x-axis in log scale. I only see an option to make the y-axis logarithmic under the format axis menu. Is there anyone that can

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