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how do I change the text size of a form check box

how do I change the text size of a form check box

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I am making a large form and I need to know if there is a way to modify the size of text in the check boxes

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Changing size of check box

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'm trying to create a form with a checkbox. I've been able to insert my check box but I'm unable to enlarge it. I've gone to Format -> Control -> Size but when I change that to a bigger number, the size of the entire Control Box gets bigger with more blank white space but the actual check box (where I check) remains the original size. I've also pulled and dragged the edges of the control but I have the same issue.
How do I enlarge the actual check box where users will make their selection?

Changing Cell Link for Check Box Form Control

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I need to create around 1,250 check boxes in Excel. Each one of these is linked, so that I can run formulas on the linked cells. The problem is that the cell link does not automatically change when I copy and paste the check box. Each check box is dependent on the original i.e. when I check one, they all change. Is there a simple way to fix this without individually entering each check box?

form control - check box

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

does anyone know how to get the text that appears on a form control check box? I can do it by using ActiveX control check box, but is there any way to do it if I use the form control check box?

In Excel how does one the format/size of a checkbox

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have added several check boxes to a form. Now I would like to change the font and increase its size. When I right click on the box, I do not find such an option. Also, how does one change the size of the physical box?
I am currently using Excel 2003.

adding contents off 1 text box and check box via comand button

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › VBA

I was wondering if anyone here can help me or point me in the right direction, in VBA 6.5 I have a form with a text box, a command button, a check box and another text box I want the value off the check box when checked to equal 80. so when I enter a value into the first text box it multiply by the value of the checked check box(80) or unchecked(0) and then display the answer via a command button in another text box. If anyone can help ide very much appreciate it.

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ASP Form With Drop Down Combo Box and Check Boxes

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This is a form for SQL servers that will not accept PHP , this form is fully customizable and pretty easy to use, very little scripting knowledge required. It will send the form to your or your clients Email via ASP .
You can take out and add any elements to this form, I put the ComboBox and check boxes in because I needed it for a client and there is nothing out there like this for ASP .

Check All Form: Select all checkboxes

Free: No

When we create a form, we often need to insert various options like checkboxes allowing multiple selection, or permitting all checkboxes to be checked.
An example of this situation is a form that asks website visitors to select their topics of interest. All possible topics are then regrouped and since they are common for many people, clients are often compelled to check them all. Selecting the options one by one is an extremely boring task to perform for a user, which is why in many cases they simply desist.
Check-All extension proposes an alternative to this annoying chore. With Check-All extension, you can very easily introduce into your form a special checkbox that is capable of controlling several checkboxes, or even all checkboxes at once. When you select the checkbox inserted by Check-All extension, all the checkboxes associated with it will check themselves as well. When that Check-All box is unchecked, all those associated to that box will uncheck themselves, too. With Check-All extension, the task of selecting all the topics of interest of your clients can be reduced to just one click.

Flex Complete Contact Form

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Flex Forms

Simple and effective PHP Flash contact form. Works with Flax + Clean PHP and Actionscript code. Change Your email id in the sendform.php
- Normal Text Field.
- Select Calender(Year/month)
- Check Box
- Drop Down can easily make convenient changes by XML
- Radio Buttons.
- Email Validation
- Phone No. Validation.
- Open with adobe flex 3.0

Flash Contact form with radio button and check box

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Forms PHP

The Fields in the contact form are properly validated; you cannot enter any number in the name field and you must have to enter @ and . in the E-Mail field before you can submit the form, similarly you cannot enter alphabets into number field of the contact form. A fully documented Help file is included

Photographer XML Template FullScreen - Highly Customizable

Free: No

- Unlimited category and image items;
- XML menu and .swf support;
- Fullscreen mode;
- Unlimited background;
- Config XML file (music and image or .swf logo);
- All image size support;
- Contact form and XML contact info (PHP).
Gallery features:
XML file config a gallery
- Gallery size change XML (width and height);
- Thumbs image location change XML (up, down, left, right);
- Thmbs image size change XML (width and height);
- Two thumbs image space change XML;
- Description text size automatic gallery size;
- Description text HTML support;

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