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How do I calculate future date after number of days

How do I calculate future date after number of days

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How do I calculate a future date based on the start date plus 21 days which must include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The function "workday" excludes

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Calculate Future Date but don't want

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I have some tasks that where the duration is in days (not workdays).
What formula would I used to calculate a future date and if it lands on a weekend to "round up" the future date to the following Monday (or round down the Friday)
I know of the workday function but I believe the day input is the number of workdays needed (where I have total days needed).

Counting number of weekdays to a future date

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I have a calendar occupying a range A2:AB33. I want to be able to count the number of days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) between the current day and a specific day in the future (in this case 30th May 2014). I haven't yet found a way of doing this with a worksheet formula.

Counting down from future date/time to NOW()

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Good evening and thank you in anticipation for any help offered.
1. I want to be able to add a differing number of hours and minutes to the current date and time and have this displayed as a new date and time in a separate cell. This remains static.
2. I then need to have another cell counting down from the new future date / time to NOW(). Ideally, I would like the countdown to be in hours and minutes rather than days, hours, minutes.
i.e. 01.04.11 19:50 hours + 75 hours 20 minutes to give a new date and time.
I have spent the last two days trying all the time / date solutions I could find on this site, but nothing has worked. I am invariably getting VALUE errors or negative number errors.

Calculate number of days depending on some date criteria

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I need to have a formula in Column D that will calculate the Total EOT (Extension of time Days) depending on the person's mob/demob date. If he is present within the EOT period, he will get EOT days. I have attached a file that describes different criteria.

Calculate date

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I am trying to calculate dates to be used on a construction schedule. Below is what the data looks like:
A1 (task) Start Date Days Completion Date
Roofing 05/05/2011 5 05/12/2011
If the starting date + days do not include a Saturday or Sunday, simply take the starting date and add the number of days. Note that for framing the starting date is 05/03/2011 for 2 days, the starting date is always the first day of the count. If the starting date + days includes a Saturday or Sunday, I do not want to count the weekend days like I have shown for roofing.

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FREE Clock: future-date

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You can tell a customer their order will be filled by the date in the future, etc. This script is great and of-course free!

Calculate Date Difference

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This is a simple script to calculate the difference between two dates and express it in years, months and days. Use as in: "my age is 40 years, 2 month and 17 days old"
Feel free to use this script for whatever you want.

XML simple calendar 6 in 1

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A simple, clean calendar. It comes with 6 XML files with different color settings as seen in preview. Please note that you can change all colors to any color you like. Also you can change borders width and color and color of buttons used for display of days. You can set border of calendar to 0 so it is not displayed (as seen in preview). Also some other parameters can be changed via XML :
- font, size and color of text used for days, month and year
- width and border color of calendar background
- border width, border color and buttons color used for current day
- color of rollover effect of forward and backward buttons
- size of buttons used for displaying days
- size, font and color of events text (and date)
- text of all 3 timeline possibilites of event (past, present, future event)

News Publishing

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Simple news engine to run on your site. News are added by editors and are shown on the site. News can be added "for future" - if you set news date to the date in future, it will appear on the site only when its day comes. Every news can have image, attachments, related links section. News script can be called from SSI page for easy integration with the site.
- 100% web-based back-end
- various attachments can be added to the news
- image/image url can be assigned to news
- template driven front-end (smarty template engine)
- "future" news feature
- easy update of language file (via webinterface)
- news archive feature
- auto installer script
- easy writers adding
- php&mysql technology
- script manual available with each copy (manual also available online)
- SSI integration
- Source PHP Code is Not Encrypted

Countdown to Day Script

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There are basically two types of JavaScript countdown scripts, depending on what you're trying to do. The first type counts down using the time of the visitor's computer, which obviously varies depending on the visitor, and is great for counting down to "relative" events such as Christmas, your friend's birthday etc. The second type counts down using a specific local time (ie: Time in New York), and is great for counting down to "absolute" events where the target date/time is tied to a certain time zone, such as the launch date of a web site, the date/time of the next Solar Eclipse etc.
Dynamic Countdown script belongs to the first type of count down script that lets you count down to relative events of a future date/time. This future date, while the same for everyone, occurs differently depending on the time zone they're in (ie: Christmas, your mom's birthday, April 1st 2015 etc). This script is extremely flexible- you can customize exactly how to display the output, or even specify a custom action to perform at the end of the countdown (ie: go to another page), by passing in your own custom format function.

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