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How can I display upper and lower control limits as a line?

How can I display upper and lower control limits as a line?

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How can I display upper and lower control limits as solid lines on a chart?

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Upper/lower control limits?

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I have this line chart (with one series) and that I need to put upper and lower control limits on. How should I go about doing this? Also, is there a way to find the standard deviation without using the formula

Upper Control Limits

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I have a line chart that shows 12 months of data and a trend line. I computed the Upper & Lower Control Limits using the Standard Deviation. Is
there a way to put these lines on my charts so that when my boss looks at it she can tell if one or more of the points are out of control?

Control Charts

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Is it possible to make a control chart with upper & lower control limits in

How to add Upper/lower control limit lines to a graph (not drawn)

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I have several quality charts that I do monthly. How can I get the the upper, lower and center lines to appear at a specific data point (number) as part of hte chart format. In other words, without having to use the Draw Line tool each time? Excel 2003.

Upper and Lower limit lines on scatter graph

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I am doing a standard deviation graph where I have 2 cells. One of which is the upper limit and the other is the lower limit. The actual data on the graph is set and will not change but the upper and lower limits can be changed and I want the chart to reflect the change.
Upper deviation: <=.05
Lower deviation: >=-.05
Now if I were to change these both to 1 and -1 respectively is there a method of the chart making that change and showing what data on the chart now falls within this new set?

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Animation Particles Text

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Create special effect with bezierCurveTo effect of movement of text, circle with special effect images effect of semicircular upper / lower line corner effect effect of straight line with a few modifications you can create images with special effects spectacular OnClick Block animation. Flash not required WebGL not required, uses 2D context Uses JQuery (included) Works in any modern browser

Higher or Lower Game

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This file is based on the widely known higher/lower game. A card is drawn, and the player has to predict whenether the next card will be higher or lower than the current one.
This file is very open to graphical changes. For example the design of the cards, the design of the suits, the design of the back of the cards everything is easily changable without having to change anything in the script.
Im not going into depth on every bit of code now, but there was one thing I wanted to point out. The streaks you score at both the single suit and full deck game types are stored in shared objects this basically means that even after you close the swf, your highscore will still be saved!

QandA: compact FAQ / news display control

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QandA is a compact FAQ or news display control. Each item consists of a heading which, when clicked, displays its associated text below, closing any open item at the same time. Headings and text wrap automatically, and the text can contain HTML links, and other HTML tags such as , <p>, <font color>, <b> and <i>.
Separate styles and colors can be defined for headings and text, and an optional selector highlights the entire item when focused. QandA supports MP3 sound effects for click and release events, and can be transparent in compatible browsers.

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This Player controls timeline, with slider, volume control, and play/pause, stop and mute buttons, this player excellent for animators

.Net Counter

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There are so many cases we need to use counters to record all kinds of numeric data. The odometer is a common example of the numeric display, which we can see in any automobile or aircraft system. This .Net custom control can be used in many .Net Windows form applications such as Factory Instrumentation Readouts, Automobile trip odometer, Aircraft digital display system and other numeric display cases.
This .Net control is very powerful for designers to configure different kinds of odometers which has the ability to roll numbers for realistic odometer-like visual effect. The fonts size, text color, border style, Inner border color and length, outer border color and length, number of digits, gradient display or not, highlight change or not, and other features can be configured by the designers at design time or run time.

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