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How can I create a running yearly total for all of my invoices?

How can I create a running yearly total for all of my invoices?

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1. I have created a blank invoice template is there any way that the information that is entered on this template can automatically create a duplicate of itself each time I open the invoice template and add anther customer?
2. I have created an invoice template that will be used on a regular basis. I would like the information that is entered onto the invoice to
automatically be sent to another sheet or workbook that will keep track of the customers name, invoice totals and their dates for a yearly data sheet. Is there any possible way to do this or do I have to add each invoice total and date manually to another template each time I create an invoice?

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I have 100 different invoices with the same PO#, I want to add all of the invoices# with that po# to come up with one total to put on sheet two, in other words, I want a running total for the month and ytd, I don't know what to use, I've tried the sumif but I can't get just one total for each po#

Need help in making my invoices auto count

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I need to find out how to make my invoices increase by 1 digit every time I copy/create a new invoice. I also would like to find out how I can make my totals (ie.for tax, and sales) get directed into a new spreadsheet displaying the date the invoice was created and giving a running total for the month and year. Is this possible or am I way out to lunch on this.

How can I use a formula to calculate a running sub-total in excel

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I have a very large spreadsheet with customer names in column E, Sales in column J and invoices issued in column K. I need to have a running total in column L. The formula =sum(J$3:j3)-sum(k$3:k3) copied down provides a running total of the net of column J and K however I need the starting position of the running total to restart each time there is a change of customer name in column E. For example, if there is a change of customer name at row 25 the formula needs to be reset to =sum(J$25:j25)-sum(k$25:k25) and to continue until the next change in customer name.

Creating a running total for a budget

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I am trying to determine how to create a running total for a budget (not a check registry). Since my entries are sporadic, I want any line item entry in my budget columns (i.e. Mortgage, Gas, Utilities, etc.) to reflect the current budgeted balance, based on deposits/withdrawals.
In the formula below, where would I add a running total formula?
Also, you can reference the attachment if you need a visual.

Total of a certain currency

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Im working on an invoicing workbook sometime I have to issue invoices in GBP not only in USD
they are in currency format and I am trying to find a way to have a formula that allows me to know the total amount of all the invoices in GBP and all the invoices issued in USD
15 Invoicing amount

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Invoice Suite's simple, intuitive interface makes taking care of your invoice a breeze. Save time and money with online invoice management. Invoice Suite Enterprise makes it easy to set and trace invoices, and keep you up-to-date on the invoices' due date.

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Your-CRM is a web based solution for Customer Relationship Management. It will help you organise your business so you can provide a better, more professional service to your customers.
Easily create and manage quotes & invoices
Send automatic invoice reminders to clients
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Keep all your customer records together
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cInvoice - web based invoice system in PHP

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The web-based invoice system is a set of PHP and MySQL code running at your web server to manage your client's invoices. Main features include:
Manage your client's invoices from anywhere, anytime. Your clients can view their invoices from anywhere, anytime.
Great professionally designed interface, cool icons.
Easily schedule recurring bills by any number of days, weeks, or months.
PDF support. PDF invoice is dynamically created. Clients and admin can view/print out invoice in PDF format.
EAN13 Barcode and UPC-A barcode containing invoice id and account id are printed in PDF document, the bar codes can be used for automatic scanner and update.
Summary part of PDF can be used for pay slip.
PDF invoice can be attached to notification email automatically.
Client can automatically login from his email. Login confidentails are encrypted in a key.
Customizable mail class, you can use your external mail function.
Project estimate quote is supported in HTML and PDF format.
Automatic tax calculation.
Automatic late fee calculation. Total amount after due date is calculated and displayed in invoice.
Extra comments can be attached with invoices, styles can be applied.
Your client can pay the invoice from cInvoice directly. Payment status can be updated automatically. And admin will be notified when a payment is made or attempted.
Client can pay by PayPal, Visa, or Master card. Payment is made through SSL secure web server.
"Pay Now" button is available in client main menu and invoide detail page.
Invoice loading time is fast. The main menu page can be split by pages for fast download.
Foreign currency support.
Remind your client invoice due in one simple click.
Support strong SSL encryption. Maximun security protection.
All passwords can be optionally encoded using one-way function.
Easy, robust installation script. Powerful detection of your system. Follow two steps, the installation is done.
cInvoice tracks all details about an invoices, such as number of reminder ever made, dates of reminder emails sent, payment transation ids, payment date etc.
Multiple invoices for many different clients can be created in one simple click.
All components in cInvoice can be customized, including header, footer, invoice footer message, styles, font color, weight etc.
Professionally formatted output for your client to print.
Flexibility for managing client's profiles.
Tool set allows you to search clients, invoices. Tools page also reports total charges, payments...
Client account can be used to track client's payments. Invoice can be partially paid. Over-payment is added to client's account.
Foreign language support.

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Christmas animation of running deers and Santa in the sledge. Perfect for greetitng cards and banners.

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