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How can I count values in multiple non-consecutive cells?

How can I count values in multiple non-consecutive cells?

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I'm trying to figure out what formula to use when I want to count how many times a value is found in a specific set of cells.

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Count non-consecutive values

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counting values within a range (row), but ONLY if they are non-consecutive e.g. if I have a 1 in columns 1, 2 and 3, I don't care, but if I only have a value in column 1, column 2 is blank and there is a value in column 3, I'd like to count (or sum) them.

count the number of consecutive values >=2

Free: Yes
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I would like to count the number of consecutive values >=2 in a row.
The returned value would be 8, because the 2nd to the 9th figure are all greater or equal to 2
The returned value would be 5, because the 10th to the 14th figure are all greater or equal to 2

Count consecutive cells then start over

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

I would like to know how to create a simple function which will count the cells that show up with the number 1 seven consecutive times and then start over.
For instance, let's say the range is B3:B100, and the number 1 will occasionally show up 3x's or 5x's and then occasionally 7x's with blank cells and between each of the sets. I need it to display somewhere at the top of the spreadsheet when the number 1 has shown up seven consecutive times. Most importantly, I need it to start the count over again once it runs across a

Sum of values in frequency's

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I'm trying to sum values that are part of a frequency.
For example, in column A I have values that are either 0, or any other number. I would like Excel to sum values that are part of a frequency, for example, a set of 2 values in consecutive cells that are not zero. If there are 3 consecutive values it's a different frequency (frequency of 3). Frequencies are separated with zero's.
Example: here is a set of values in column A, from A1:A17
There are 3 sets of 2 consecutive cells.
In this case, the formula's result should be 21 (the sum of all the values that are in the set of 2 consecutive cells).
I know how to make excel count the number of sets, but I can't make it sum the values.

Selecting a range of consecutive cells within a range

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I'd like to try a different approach to counting the amount of days in a period.
If I list a long consecutive series of cells with days in a consecutive sequence in excel and then have two cells put aside for the first and last date in the desired range to be manually entered then is there a way to use the Countif function to select this desired range within the long range?
On the example attached I would like to see if it's possible to build a formula to pick up the values entered in F1 and F2 and then find these dates in the range of cells on the left and count the cells between the two dates inclusive (the answer here would be 15).
I would be grateful if anyone can suggest a way to this.

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- Calendar can display events in a month grid or days stack.
- Calendar supports multiday events. Meaning the event can be repeated over multiple consecutive days, including over 2 consecutive months if needed.
- Each event can have its own color for easier grouping of the events or you can apply universal color to it.
- Calendar supports Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday layout.
- Each day can have virtually unlimited amount of events.
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- All data is stored in external XML file.
- Width and height are 305px and 405px.

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Useful for contact form or any type of forms.

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This logger is advanced library, which dumps PHP Application logs to files in production environment.
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