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Hotel Pricing Worksheet/VBA Needed

Hotel Pricing Worksheet/VBA Needed

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I am trying to create a hotel pricing worksheet where I list prices for hotel dates on one spread sheet and then a reservation agent needs to only enter in the guests arrival and departure date on an entry field and the VBA program will go search out the start dates and stay through dates and calculate the average of the rates provided.
I can't for the life of me figure out VBA to get this to work.

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I have two worksheets named "Business" and "Information"
In "Business" there are three columns.
Column A has dates in dd/mm/yy format going through to 2020.
Column B has descriptions such as hotel, petrol, expenses etc.
Column C has the price for the item.
On the "Information" worksheet I would like to pull the details from the "Business" worksheet so that I can get a price for example on "hotel" in column B between two dates in column A with a total on the price in column C. The dates from column A need to be specific to the month and year.

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I have a pricing grid on sheet one. On sheet two I have a worksheet and after inputting the number of shirts c:5 and the number of colors c:6, I need the selections to get the pricing from the respective entries and the pricing be in put in d:18. If the shirt number is in between the column headings then I need it to go down to the nearest entry, for instance 24 in the shirt column would need to go to the 12 column.
First time posting so if I have not mentioned something then apologies sent also.

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I am hoping for your help. I need to calculate costs and savings for dollar amounts that include taxes and service charges (percentages) that are also taxable. My problem is that I can't figure out how to do it without showing dollar amounts for the service charges and the taxes - I just don't want so many columns on my output report.
Would love your help - I've attached my worksheet for an easier explanation.
Thanks! I've been racking my brain for 2 days!

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I have two worksheets. The first is the original sheet that has part numbers with pricing. This needs to be loaded into my database. Once done I need to generate a new list from the database and check it back to the original to make sure the pricing is coming in correctly. If pricing is not matching I need to have that marked somehow.
So if I have original
RUL 24 4.99
RUL 25D 14.99
RUL 26D 18.54
and New worksheet has
RUL 24 9.99
RUL 25D 14.99
RUL 26D 18.54
It will tell me that RUL24 pricing is different. At the same time I need to know if any numbers from the original worksheet is missing from the new worksheet.
So it's like two formulas in one.

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