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Highlighting Duplicates across multiple worksheets

Highlighting Duplicates across multiple worksheets

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my excel skills aren't all that great and I really need some help with this otherwise I think I may have to go through manually which could take hours!
I have a database for a warehouse full of boxes, there are 12 sheets corresponding to different aisles in the warehouse, each with around 300 box numbers in their specific locations.
I also have 1 sheet which has a list of 200 boxes I have to remove from the warehouse.
is there a way (without moving everything to 1 page) that I can highlight all the duplicate numbers in their current sheets so it's easier to locate those boxes that need to be destroyed?

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I am trying to find duplicates between two worksheets where there are three column comparisons. I have attached an example.
In the "Manual" the two red entries are also found on the Computer tab.
Is there a formula I can use to either do a conditional format or flag for duplicates? Example12-6.xlsx

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I think this is a vlookup function, but I read that there is a 7 worksheet

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001 Jenny
002 Jimmy
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003 Steven
003 Sean
003 Jan
004 Grant
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I am not too familiar with VBA coding, is there a function or set of functions that would allow me to format the data based on the criteria described above?

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