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Highlighting a Row with the current Date

Highlighting a Row with the current Date

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I have a worksheet with one column with all the dates of the year in 6-mar-12 format. I want to highlight the whole row containing the current date. I have tried =$A1=today() using Conditional formatting, but I do not get it to work.
Is A1 where I should have "=TODAY()"?

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hightlighting row with the current date

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I am trying to highlight the row which my the sum of other two columns equal to the current date.
I am thinking to go with this way:
if the week start plus day of the week equal to current date (=$A$2:$A2+$C2-1=TODAY()) then I would like to use conditional formatting to highlight my row.
However, it looks like I cannot work it out. I have attached a file as the reference.
Please kindly advice, and your comments will be very

How do I get the current date to autofill

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Is there a way to get the current date to populate in a cell whenever there is information typed in a row
for example row 1 contains several columns of information the first row which would be A1 would be labeled "Date" so when someone enters information into row one in any of the columns the current date would show up in column a same for any of the rows

How do you conditionally format highlighting a due dates?

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I have -
Column A - Team Leaders names
Column B - New staffs names
Column C - What the reminder is - Supervision, 1st Performance Management, 2nd
Performance Management and Final performance Management
Column D - The date when the reminders in Column C have got to be completed by.
At the top of the page I also have the current date which automatically updates daily.
I would like to 'Conditionally Format' Column D to turn yellow when the current date is 28 days before each due date, turn orange when 14 days before each due date and turn red on or past each due date.

If selected date is within a month of current date, highlight the row

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I have an excel spreadsheet that shows the details of CRB checks for staff / visitors to our school. I want the spreadsheet to look at the "Valid To" date and check to see if it is in one month of the current date, and if so highlight the row of the table.

Highlight Only Current Week Based on Date

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The dates in row 3 represents the start date for the particular week of the month. I would like only the current week in row 4 to be highlighted based on the current date.
Example: If the current date is Nov 14 2010, then only cell C4 should be highlighted.
Is there a formula I could use in conditional formatting ?

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Spy.cgi is a simple Perl script that allows you to print out the current date on your page and sends you an email to inform you that you have a visitor. Spy.cgi is written in French.

Date icon component

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This is a simple component that can be added to an application showing the current date (or a selected date).
It is easily skinnable using flex css styles.

Date & Time Component

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This component displays current Date and Time. The background image, color and fonts are configurable in XML and CSS. Supports two modes.
- Displays current date and time.
- Supports two modes.
- Display time in 24 Hours or 12 Hours format.
- Configurable background image, color and fonts used.

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This simple script set shows how to highlight (select) the text in a form's textarea by clicking on a link. Useful for code listings, order form information, or other material the visitor may wish to copy to the clipboard with Control+C.

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This is an analog clock which also displays the current date. There is no need to fiddle with anything as this can be dragged and dropped where you want it to go. It is possible to change the UI by going into the .fla file and changing the clock face image.

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