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Highlight if Greater/Less then Target Cell

Highlight if Greater/Less then Target Cell

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I am trying to create a ranking structure but it does not seem to work. I want cell A4 to highlight green, or red depending if the % value is higher then Cell D4 on another sheet which is the target. But its driving me nuts. sadly I will admit I have not used excel since high school.

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How do you get the next Target.Address?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have an event that triggers when the user changes a cell in a worksheet.
The Subroutine checks if cell changed is in column A and greater than row 13. Is there a smarter way to do this rather than using Split?
How do you get the next Target.Address? For example, if I change cell A14 Target.Address = $A$14 then the next Target.Address would be $A$15.
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
x = Split(Target.Address, "$")
If x(1) = "A" And CInt(x(2)) > 13 Then
' Get next target address
' Execute other

how do I get a result if one cell is X and the 2nd cell is Y where

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

A2 = hours [hh]:mm:ss (this is the result of another formula)
B2 = the number 1, 2, 3, or 4
What I need is:
If b2 = 1 and a2 is less than or equal to 4 (hours) return met target If b2 = 1 and a2 is greater than 4, but less than 6 return warning if b2 = 1 and a2 is greater than 6 return alert
if b2 = 2 and a2 is less than or equal to 9 return met target
if b2 = 2 and a2 is greater than 9 but less than 13.5 return warning if b2 = 2 and a2 is greater than 13.5 return alert
if b2 = 3 and a2 is less than or equal to 27 return met target
if b2 = 3 and a2 is greater than 27 but less than 45 return warning if b2 = 2 and a2 is greater than 45 return alert
if b2 = 4 return n/a
I have tried a bunch of different things (if/and/or/lookups) and nothing works. Please help. trying to meet a deadline.

Vlookup Help

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Functions

Need help as follows
Sheet 1 is my summary page
Column A contains sales reps ID (a1= 1234)
Column B will contain the required formula that will determine commission results
Sheet 2 is the source page
Vlookup range is 'sheet2'!$A$10:$I$24
Cell D3 contains target of 7.8% (this value could can change YOY)
Cell E3 contains target of 7.3%
Cell F3 contains target of 6.5%
Need a formula that will vlookup 'sheet2'!$A$10:$I$24 and if that number is less than or equal to 6.5% place a value of 200 % in Sheet 1 cell B1. If the number is
greater than 6.5% but less than or equal to 7.3%, place a value of 100% in Sheet 1 cell
B1, if the number is greater than 7.3% but less than 7.8% place a value of 80% and lastly if the number is greater than 7.8% place a 0%

Conditional formatting help

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Im trying to conditional format a cell so if its greater than the time in another cell it changes orange for greater, yellow for lesser.
I have managed to set these ok however, when the time is the same as reference cell it still thinks its greater! Any idea why and how to fix this?
I have attached a screen shot so you can see the problem, the conditional format reads:
If cell D8 (where its yellow) greater than C8 highlight orange
If cell D8 lesser than C8 highlight yellow

how can I use conditional formatting with formula and 3 poss resul

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

Want to test 5 calculated results against a static target. If result greater than target, color cell green. If result = target, color cell yellow. If result less than target, color cell red. Results are presented in a column with the target number in a cell 2 rows above headers in the same column.

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Tired of your clients missing some important feature of your web site?, maybe its new and you want to make them notice it.
jQuery FocusOn is a plugin that makes your clients fully focus on a certain area of your web site, it receives an element and will highlight the area of that element an make every thing else opaque and disabled for clicking.

Animation Sequences for Android

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The Android Animation Sequences Pack #1 provides numerous tween animation sequence resource files for use within your Android applications. Works with Android API Levels 3+
Each animation resource is saved in its own file. Over two dozen animations are included in this package, including:
The Jiggle family of animations that cause the target control to move around randomly.
The Spin family of animations that cause the target control to rotate.
The FlyIn family of animations that cause the target control to fly onto the screen.

XML Drop Down Menus

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Features included:
- XML driven menus
- Supports multiple categories and unlimited items
- You can choose to target a URL and/or frame inside a movieclip, method and target set in XML
- You can set menu spacing, max number of items to be shown before scrolling, tween speeds etc. in the script

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Highly customizable image menu scroller, XML customizable images & urls & text, editable settings through the FLA file.
You can specify the images and target urls through the XML file. Put images at any dimensions, they are automatically resized. All images should have the same sizes.
Set the target URLs to point to different sections of your website, or add your own code for clicking on each image instead of getURL method.

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Complete resizable. Background color automatically changes to match each image color. Options available to enable /disable this feature.Five types of transition for large image. Option to choose any one of the transition or auto transition. Add title, description, link, target of link and Background color (optional) for each image. Click over the large image will launch a URL. Load JPEG , PNG, GIF and SWF file. Automatically hides thumbnails, description text, Playpause button, Next button and Previous button to keep the look simple. Option to change the thumbnail width and height. Thumbnail image is automatically fit to thumb area and Ability to control thumbnail border color, border size, highlight color, highlight size and thumb to thumb space. If thumbnail is not load the title text will show on the thumb area.Option to set the number of thumbnails display and control the scroll speed. Option to align the thumbnails to Top/Bottom. Ability to change the position for PlayPause button

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