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Help with having data automatically sorted in highest to lowest order?

Help with having data automatically sorted in highest to lowest order?

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Just wondering if anyone could help me with a sorting problem. Basically, I would like to take data from multiple sheets and have them transfer to one master sheet. On the master sheet this data would automatically be sorted from highest to lowest. I attached a very simplistic example of this. Ideally, I would like to scores for each student to transfer to their respective name and sort highest to lowest at the same time on the master list.

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I have been able to muddle my way this far, but am not sure how to fix my formulas at this point
In the attached file, I have 3 sets of columns. The 1st is my data, the 2nd is the consolidation of that data, and the last is ranking the consolidated data from highest to lowest. This last part is where I am not able to make it work.

how to sort time lowest to highest

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how do you sort the time into lowest to highest
in column A I have each cell has the time in it copied from another sheet in my excel document so the times are all different to each cell
and also when a cell is blank it comes up 12:00:00 AM
when I click on the sort button lowest to highest it doesn't put the times in order
times that are 11.00 am are at the bottom and 1:00 pm is at the top

Automatically create top ten lists

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Say that I have a large set of data on one sheet that contains
column 1 = names of students
column 2 = the school that they attended
column 3 = their GPA
The data is unsorted.
On another sheet I want to have various top ten lists, for example the first top ten could be top ten GPA overall sorted from highest to lowest. The second list below that would be top ten GPA for a particular school sorted from highest to lowest. Then there is another list, the bottom 10 GPA.
I want to have it so if the data in the other sheet is changed the lists in the other page all update automatically. What do you suggest I use to accomplish something like this?

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I have 55 teams in A1 to A55.
I have their scores in B1 to B55.
Is there a way to list the scores (highest to lowest) but giving their team names instead of all the numbers in order of the highest to the lowest?

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How do I get Excel to automatically make the highest value in a given row to be one color, and the lowest value to be another? For example.I enter in daily prices for certain products. After ~7 days, I want the highest price for that product during the week to be red, and the lowest price paid to be

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Now you can get this contribution for free!

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Search Engine (SEO) Friendly, Meta Creation,
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