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having issues converting from 97-07 with conditional formatting

having issues converting from 97-07 with conditional formatting

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Does anyone have any suggestions for the above subject line? We are having issue after converting to 07 with out conditional formatting. It is saying there are multiple formats for 3 cells and we need to fix it before we can

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Formatting issues with converting .xls to .csv

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I am using Excel 2010 and my default is .xls
I have a spreadsheet with 16 digit credit card numbers and expiration dates that start with 0. I formatted the columns as text only. I can save the spreadsheet in the xls format with no problems.
However, when I save as a .csv the credit cards turn into the **.*E+ and the expiration dates are only 3 digits. I have tried preserving the format, not preserving (which send me into an endless loop of preserving /not preserving). I have tried saving the original in 97-2003, but that made no difference either.

Converting a formula for automatic formatting criteria

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I have this formula that works in excel.
=IF(AND($K$2>(SUM($U$2*0.8)),$K$2<(SUM($U$2*1.2)) ,"true","false")
And when I try to get it as conditional formatting I get the "not enough or too many parenthesis" error.
This is what I tried in conditional formatting.
=if(and($k$2<(sum($u$2*.8)),$k$2>(Sum($u$2*1.2)) .
What am I doing wrong or can I not us the and function in conditional formatting?
BTW, this is the 3rd criteria so don't tell me to split it up (the first two are between functions)

Conditional Formatting

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I am having issues trying to high lite my row (A7 to S7) if the date
in M7 is greater than 3 dates from the current date.
Basically I want to highlight the row if today is 3 days greater than the date in M7
Don't know why is giving me so many issues.but is

Conditional Formatting

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This may be a simple one, but I have conditional formatting using a formula for each column of data I have, but when I move data around, like cutting and pasting G34 on to G50, the conditional formatting gets all crazy and dosn't work properly. I attached a before and after picture. Anyone know how to stop the conditional formatting from doing this?

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there. I'm trying to conditionally format multiple cells but am having issues. The format painter does not work properly. Is there a way to do it for more than one cell at a time?

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Perfect for intro and banner and special events. Feature:
- Can modify color, alpha, size, number of particle, size of explosion, speed, etc.
- Easy to copie to any project.
- Nice trail effect before the explosion.
- Firework particle is an .png images. The vector particle is included if you want to modify it. I highly suggess converting it to png if modified for speed issues.

Sound InDepth: audio editing and Converting program

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Sound In Depth is a powerful and easy-to-use audio editing and Converting program with multi-language support.Manage and edit your sound files.Perform various operations such as cut, copy, and paste features , mix tracks, or apply effects to your recordings. Built-in amplitude-envelope editor, a customizable spectrogram mode, & a frequency-analysis window for audio-analysis applications, batch open/edit most audio formats and much more.

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Extensive web based customer support and knowledge base system,
written in classic asp, with open source code included!
Fast and efficient answers for your site visitors, employees or clients. If they don't find their answer in the previous issues (trouble tickets or KB articles) you've activated, visitors can quickly submit a new question from any online browser.
Customer support representatives receive email notification (on their PDA if desired) or they can simply login from any online browser to work on issues (trouble tickets) in their category of expertise. Customer service reps can be mobile and still empowered with all the tools they need to provide excellent customer support.
Affordable software for businesses or sites that receive lots of questions (issues or tickets), or if more than one agent responds to support issues.

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- Rip personal DVDs, edit video, burn DVD
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- Use video/audio effects, split/join files, rotate video.
AVS Video Tools package includes 2 tools: AVS Video Converter, AVS Video ReMaker

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