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Gridlines won't show up in excel 2007

Gridlines won't show up in excel 2007

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I am using excel 2007 and want the gridlines to show up for the excel worksheet when it is printed (all 8 columns and a whole sheet of blank rows).
I already went to Page setup and SHEET and selected GRIDLINES. I also have Draft quality unchecked.
It is ONLY printing the heading line(1st line) and NOT any other gridlines.
We want to use the spreadsheet to print the lines and fill in by pencil what we want in the various columns and rows.
If we fill down a date in the first column rows it will print all the gridlines in all the columns for us to fill out all the information for every row in which we included the date.but we want to see all the gridline columns and rows without filling in a date.

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