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graph column line graph with two axes

graph column line graph with two axes

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I need to make a graph with two axes, one series as a column and two different series as a line graph. When I add a new series, I can get one column and one line, but when I add the third series it turns the second series from a line to a column. How can I add two lines graphs and only one

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Column-Column on 2 axes

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I am using Excel 2003. I see how I can create a Line-Column Graph on 2 Axes.
However, can a column-column graph be created on 2 axes?
I am trying to mimic this graph style which I saw in another presentation.

how can i get a "Column - Line on 2 axes" graph?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

Under Chart type. there is a built-in category.i see that it has line-column on 2 axes.but I wanted to know if its possible to have it the other way around.
that is: One column and 2 Lines showing on my graph.

How do I graph 2 bars with 2 different axes?

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I am trying to create a graph with two bars (instead of a bar and a line) that has a secondary axes and cannot figure out how to accomplish this in

colum graph on 2 axes

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I am trying to plot 2 sets of data on one graph by using both a primary and secondary axes. Both sets of data need to be in a column format. The only option I can find in "chart wizard" is a line and column on 2 axes.
Does anyone know if I can plot the data in 2 columns with no lines?

Bar graph to line graph

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I am trying to redo a chart by looking at a scanned image on excel. It's a line graph. The 4th options under standard graphs. But, then I went to Custom Types and the graph I need is the B&W Column but it turns my graph
into a bar graph. I need it to stay as a Line graph.
Does anyone know what I can do too change that?

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Chart Animation Script

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Animated Chart script generator allows you to create a bar graph table of the data given to it. This is a graph and chart animated javascript which can be incorparated into any webpages. Just input the data of the involved elements, the animated script will chart out an XY Graph.
a) The Chart animation generator is compatible with all main browsers.
b) This script will dymanically draw the graph from the given values.
c) It automatically scales the axes.
d) Bar colors, fonts, chart colors, can be easily customised.

AutoGRAPH Bar Graph Generator

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AutoGraph allows you to easily customize and set up graphs in seconds. All you need to set up your own bar graph is to resize the background box to your dimensions, and set how many bars as well as what information it needs to show. You can easily change margins, sizes, colors, text colors etc without diggin through the library or code.
Its perfect if you deal with bars or charts to display data for corporate clients. It cant get easier than this!

XML Animated bar chart graph with pop up details

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XML Animated bar graph sales / product chart with pop-up details.
Fully Customizable XML driven graph/chart with animated bars and fading pop-up details window. Everything is editable from within the XML file (no need for Flash program). Just open the XML with your favorite text editor!
~ Virtually unlimited amount of items/bars can be displayed.
~ Choose to have the bars grow individually or simultaneously.
~ Fine-tune all item values.
~ Highly Flexible XML

Advanced Charts for PHP

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Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications.
With the advanced graphing functionality you will be quickly adding impressive and dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive!
The PHP graphing scripts provide a very easy way to embed dynamically generated graphs and charts into PHP applications and HTML web pages. The graphing software is very easy to use and it is perfectly possible to add professional quality real time graphing to web pages / applications within minutes.

Poll Pro: with graph and number format result

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Poll Pro is an easy-to-use application that provides your poll results, in both bar graph and number format, as well as some overall poll statistics. It allows your visitors to vote on the current poll and view up-to-date results of all approved polls, current or archived. Administrators can work from their browsers, any time, from anywhere. And, there are no limits to the types of questions you can ask, how many polls are stored in your archives, or how many optional answers to your poll question.
The program is written entirely in ASP/VBScript and HTML, so it can be customized to your site with minimal code changes. It can be added to your site in a matter of minutes.

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