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Graph A Horizontal Line

Graph A Horizontal Line

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I've got a series of data on a line graph. It's nothing too racy - dates and rates.
The rates are on the X axis and the rates are on the Y axis. What I'd like to do is plot a horizontal line across the chart at a given Y value. Say, 4.630. I know I could add a second data series:
But that seems like an awful lot of extra work for a simple horizontal line.
especially since my actual dataset is quite large. Is there a shortcut way in Excel I can tell it to just plot a line at a given Y value? Thanks.
Hmm.they have the Internet on COMPUTERS now!

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I have a bar graph showing the data that I want to see. Current data runs between say 389 and 1902. The quota for this data say is 100. How can I
insert say a bold horizontal line at the 100 mark on the axis to better show the results to these people as to where they are at versus say what I would call my target line of say 100.

Add a horizontal line to a graph but not to the legend

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I want to be able to add horizontal lines to my chart, in this case at 4% and 6% on the y-axis. The solutions I've seen so far suggest to add a series at these points. The problem is that when I add a series, my legend shows the new series when I don't really want them to. Is there a really simple way that I've overlooked so that I can just add a line at one y-value and all the x values on the graph and not have it appearing in the legend?

Reference line in graph

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I would like to put a reference line in a graph. In other words, I have a value and I would like to have a horizontal line that corresponds to this value, with all other data points surrounding it. That way, viewers of the graph can see how data points compare to this value. Is this possible in

Line Graph in Excel 2007

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I need to make a line graph for someone at work. Mostly I don't have any problems with it, but this one is a little bit more difficult.
What I need
On the vertical line I need 3 categories (1, 2, 3) with each 7 subcategories (w, k, m, wk, wm, km, wkm). On the horizontal line I need dates. (p.e. 2/2/2011 until 5/2/2011).
I added a drawing to make sure you can understand what I mean. (click on "drawing")
Each date there can only be used 1 subcategory.
Can someone tell me how I can make this line chart?
Li even Van Dame

Horizontal line on a chart

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I have an Excel 2003 line chart, and I'd like to add a horizontal line across the chart at the value shown in cell C5. I realize I can manually draw the horizontal line, or I can enter that same value in all cells in a new column in the data sheet and plot that as a second series. But isn't there a way to say to Excel, "Draw a horizontal line in the chart at the value corresponding to the value in the cell at C5?"

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