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Get two graphs on the same chart

Get two graphs on the same chart

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I have attached a spreadsheet where I am trying to graph two different y-axes over a period of time on the x-axis. However, I can't get the x axis (time) to cooperate. I have dates to the end of December 2010 but it won't graph the data out that far.

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Generate Graphs in Flash Using FusionCharts

Free: Yes

A chart is a visual representation of data. The data can be represented by symbols, such as bars in a bar chart, lines in a line chart, or slices in a pie chart. A chart can represent tabular numeric data, functions or some kinds of qualitative structures. In this tutorial we will learn how to use FusionCharts to create different types of graphs using ActionScript and XML.

Two graphs in one chart, but with different number of values

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I have values for every five minute from 10:00 to 13:55 (10:00 am to 01:55 pm) that I have put in a chart. The values vary between 450 and 100. In the same chart I also want an other graph. But here I only have values for 11:00, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45, 12:30, 12:45, 13:20 and 13:45. These values are between 500 and 1300.
How can I get the values for the second graph above the correct time?
If I try putting the second values in the chart, the graph only goes from 10:00 to 10:35.

Updating one Excel chart in my PowerPoint file updates all graphs

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

using Office 2007 I have created 6 graphs (for 6 different KPI:s) in an
Excel file.
The graphs can be simultaneously updated by selecting a (Geography) parameter in the same file. I copy/paste the 6 graphs of Geography#1 into PowerPoint, then I change the geography parameter and copy/paste the next 6 graphs (of Geography#2) and so on.
When done, I have a PowerPoint file with 54 slides. (6 KPI:s * 9 Geographies),
when I "edit data" in one of the graphs - all the graphs are updated - to the same geography.
How can I prevent this massive update from happening, without losing the possibility to update the individual sheets?

Are there better GRAPHS within EXCEL or Add-on graphs?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

I have a user who is pretty good at Excel. He wants to know if there are more sophisticated graphs within EXCEL or add-ons he could use. He had a problem where he inserted 4 graphs into a document and the bottom L/H side one enlarged itself a little and the other graphs played up a bit.
It could be the way he is working with them but he is looking for something that is more easily manipulated.
Any ideas of add-ins or another program. He works with graphs etc all day

2-4 stacked bar graphs, two variables each, Y's vary same chart

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel › Charts

An example of what I want to do on one chart would be if I wanted to do bar graphs of male and female attendance for 5 months for two or more classes.
The X axes are all the same, with the categories of 5 months eg jan-May) .
There would be two bars (male and female attendance) for each month on all of the graphs . The Y's might be different for each class. I want them all on the same chart. (I have spend 5 frustrating hours trying to figure out how to do this! I already have my data in separate charts, but have the source data). I shall be so grateful if someone can help me do this!
Writer Seeking Clarity

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WP e-Commerce Earnings Graphs

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The WP e-Commerce Earnings Graphs plugin will add an Earnings Graphs page to the WP e-Commerce plugin Products menu. The plugin will display graphs of monthly earnings for the current or selected year. The earnings are calculated from the total price of all orders for each month.

RChart: Chart and Graphs

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Tags: PHP › Excel Charts

The product is fully developed in PHP using object oriented programing techniques. You will get the full source code and you can easily modify it to adapt your application needs if required.
It works with PHP 4 and PHP 5.
It supports more than 18 different types of charts and combination of them.

EasyCharts - java charts and graphs

Free: No
Tags: Java › Excel Applets Charts

Add charts and graphs to your web pages or java and web applications with our EasyCharts charting library.
EasyCharts is a 100% java based chart library that enables you to add great-looking charts in your java applications, web pages, and server based web applications with very little coding effort.
EasyCharts supports a wide range of charts and chart combinations and is renowned by java developers around the world for its great feature-set, flexibility, and ease of use.

Google Chart Scroller/Zoomer

Free: No

Create your own Google Chart and this jQuery plugin will transform it into a zoomable scrollable chart!
It creates a smaller chart that is not zoomed-in below. Then, using your mouse, you can zoom in and scroll across the x axis.
You can even pass in a date range for the x axis and it will create the x axis labels for you. Thats something that the Google Chart API doesnt provide you. Then, you can also pass in a date just like you do in PHP to get the labels formatted just the way you want.
You have complete control over the styles and colors. The Google Chart API allows you to customize any colors, fonts, etc. in the graphs and every generated HTML element has a class applied for easy CSS styling (it only generates 9 elements).

PowerCharts - Interactive Flash Charts

Free: No
Tags: Flash › Excel Charts

PowerCharts is a set of advanced charting widgets for domain-specific usage like in network diagrams, performance analysis, profit-loss analysis, financial planning, stock price plotting and hierarchical structures. The charts are very interactive and powerful, thus helping you add a rich immersive experience to your apps with ease. A number of the charts are visually editable as well so you can use them to plot what-if scenarios, and the edited value can be submitted back to the server. PowerCharts is a part of the FusionCharts Suite, but functions independently of the other products in the suite as well.
The charts offered include the heat map chart for performance and investment analysis, drag node chart for network diagrams and hierarchical structures, waterfall chart for profit-loss and inventory analysis, visually editable column and line charts for what-if scenarios and sales predictions, candlestick chart for stock and commodity prices and the radar (spider) chart for comparing multiple entities on multiple parameters. On the whole, PowerCharts offers over a dozen domain-specific chart types.
The charts work with both XML and JSON data, and can integrate with any server-side technology (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails etc.) and database you use. Most of the charts can be rendered in both Flash and JavaScript (HTML5), thus giving you the best of both worlds.

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