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FV Formula

FV Formula

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Results of Property Investment
Dollars Invested $1,750,00
Years Holding Property 3
Investment Growth Rate (6 Months) 15%
Value of Investment in 3 Years $5,315,898
Formula I used: =FV(B20/12,B19,-B18,,0)
I can't figure out where does the 6months fit in the equation. Can someone

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If Formula

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

here is the layout of my spreadsheet:
column f formula: if there is a 1 on b3:e3, give me the color text column g formula: if there is another 1 on b3:e3, give me the next

help with average in my formula

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I am having trouble with my formula a simple example is. Formula is in cell C4, the formula is =average(D4:G4).
If I insert a column between C and D then my formula changes automatically to =average(E4:H4).
What I want it to do is the formula to still stay the same =average(D4:G4), so that I can add a new number into D4 and the old number in G4 move to the right and outside of my formula.
I have tried different combinations with $ in my formula. =average($D4:$G4)
ps I hope I explained myself good enough.

How to do a Formula within a Formula :S

Free: Yes
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iv up loaded a worksheet with my example.
the problem is I have had to type the whole thing out and I need it so that it does it automatically does it no matter how many more rows are added
if you have any questions please ask iv been trying all different combinations all day, still no luck.

"{" before a formula that works?

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I was modifying a spreadsheet created by a colleague that has since left the workplace so I can't check within them.
But one of the formula's has the { symbol before the = sign at the start of the formula and again at the end of the formula. It appears to work just like a normal formula. At least at first glance it does.
But when I try to do {=formula} it just shows the text and not as a formula.
What does the { mean and is it doing anything special?

formula pick up formula from another cell automatically

Free: Yes
Tags: Excel ›

I'd like to have an Excel 2007 formula that picks up the formula from another cell so that I can just change it in one and have it automatically update all the others:
eg. =formula($b$2)
The formula being picked up would have absolute and relative references, lookups etc.
This would save an awful lot of work.

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The Little Fairy And The Magic Potions

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This is a children action / puzzle game in which your mission is to collect magic stars in order to create magic potions based on a random generated formula
If you get the wrong mix the formula is recrated and you loose morale points.
If you get the right formula you gain morale points ( up to 3 )
The game ends after you loose all the morale points.

F1 Races Counter

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Countdown timer for Formula 1 Races. Completely customisable. All race dates and times are stored in an customisable XML file. It will countdown to all sessions by itself. There is no need to refresh the page the counter will automatically update.
The counter is currently set up to countdown to every Formula One session at each Grand Prix. It will count to both Friday Practice sessions, Saturday Practice, Qualifying and the Race. When each session is in progress, the counter will show Event In Progress and this will automatically start counting down to the next session once the current one is finished.

Cost Based Pricing for Magento

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Calculate your product prices based on the Cost + Price Markup formula. Cost Based Pricing extension for Magento will enable you to specify the cost and price markup for each product. The extension makes it easy to manage prices: you can define the rules that would automatically trigger the markup change according to the sales level, and once the markup is changed, all prices are also automatically updated.
Cost Based Pricing features:
- Enables Admin to specify product cost and price markup (either fixed or %);
- Calculates product prices based on the Cost + Price Markup formula and displays the prices in product catalog;
- Price for each product can be either calculated automatically or entered manually by Admin;
- Recalculates the prices when price markup is changed;
- Enables Admin to define rules for automatic price markup adjustment depending on the sales level;
- Comes with a User Manual;
- The extension's functionality code is 100% Open Source.

Classic MP3 Player

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- plays continuously, after it had played all the tracks it will start all over again
- this is a streaming mp3 player which means that the song will start playing before it has fully loaded
- the progress ball will move even before the song has fully loaded, the aprx length of the song it's calculated using a special formula

SuperFormula Shape Flex Component

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This is a little flex component that displays a SuperShape Formula. The application lets you alter the properties of the Superformula Shape.

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