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function =IFERROR LOOKUP works in excel 2007 not in excel 2003

function =IFERROR LOOKUP works in excel 2007 not in excel 2003

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the function below works in excel 2007 but not in 2003.
=IFERROR(LOOKUP('HDU Roster'!$C$9,{7,8,11,1330,1430,2245},{8,8,8,8,8,8} ),0) The file is saved in 97 - 2003 compatibility mode.
When the spreadsheet is opened in excel 2003 (it opens without problems) the function gives "#name" error messages and the function is now,
Roster'!$C$9,{7,8,11,1330,1430,2245},{8,8,8,8,8,8} ),0)
The latest computability pack is installed.

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File was created in XL2003, I had an "IFERROR(x,y)" VBA function referenced in cell formula, see:
Now in XL2007, I removed the VBA "IFERROR" so as to use the built-in IFERROR.
The problem is as you see in the picture,
XL2007 is NOT automatically using the built-in. (F9 does not work)
I have to manually "touch" the individual cell formula (like put in a space after "=") to have the formula recalculate.

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using excel 2007 looking up values and need to sum the results
lookup function
=IFERROR(LOOKUP(A3,{7,8,9,13,1330,1430,15,2130,224 5},{"8","8","6","8","9","8","8","8","8"}),"0").
this returns great results and what I need. If the value is not found returns 0 and not #N/A if the "iferror" part is not used.
The results are in another column. When I sum the results I get 0.00 changing the format of the cell has no effect.
I hope someone can help as this has been driving me crazy and I know it will

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I received a 2007 workbook with this formula
=CONCATENATE(_xlfn.IFERROR(M2,"")," / ",_xlfn.IFERROR(P2,"")," /
(this is after it is opened in office 2003) - could you tell me the 2003 equivalent please?

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I need an example on writing an IFERROR in Excel 2007. =IFERROR.I have to do this for work and can't find anything on it.

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