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formulas based on a date

formulas based on a date

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In cell A1, I have a date, say, May 10, 2003
In cell B1, I want to input a formula so that it returns the first of the following month, in this case June 1, 2003
If it were Dec 1, 2002 in cell A1, I want the formula to return Jan 1, 2003

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sum formulas based on date

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How do I create a formula that will sum up a row based upon a particular date?

date formulas

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I have two problems that need help.
Cell A1 has a date of birth. Cell A2 calculates the age. If there isn't a
dob of birth, cell A2 returns 110.
Another one is having cell C1 with a date or NA. C2 is based on cell C1 and
adds 3 months to the date in C1 but if C1 has NA, the return is #value!.

Tables and Dynamic Formulas

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I have a table of data and want to perform analysis on the data table in different scenarios. Say I have a date column and narrow down the table by selecting a specific date range, then I would want to have my formulas only analyze the shown data. When I've been attempting it currently, after narrowing down the date range, my formulas are still calculating based upon the hidden and unhidden data in the table. I am using excel 2008.

Actions by date

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Does anyone know how I can program Excel, using VBA-code, to let it calculate certain formulas based upon predetermined dates.
F.e. : A certain amount needs to be capitalized from date A till B. Between A en B it's possible that there are some movements on the capital, like withdrawals, monthly costs, etc.
To visualize this :
In sheet 1 : let's put all the info : the amount, the interest, start_date, end _date, withdrawal of. (amount)on the.(date, between start and end) and every first of the month between the start and and date an administrative cost for the capitalisation contract of 1.
In sheet 2 : the formulas needed to calculate the capitalization
In sheet 3 : the output : Excel takes the start_date and copies the formulas in the logic order based upon the dates on which a certain calculation needs to be made.
Has anyone have any ideas how to code this.

Excel, date-sensitive, 2-part formulas

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I am trying to figure out a formula for billing in Excel 2003.
I want to be able to enter # of pents based on date.
So far I have:
meaning: if date (b2) is greater than 5/14/07, 3 payments, otherwise2. BUT I also want to say: AND if the dates in B2 are less than 5/1/05, 1 pent.

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